By konacoffee17 - United States - Portland
Today, I was having a nice conversation with my fiancé when he said out of nowhere, "I sold some of your panties". I thought he was joking so I said I hoped they weren't any of my favorites. He wasn't joking, though, and now some stranger from Craigslist owns my panties. FML
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  Kittyphysics  |  21

they have vending machines in Japan. theres a market for everything if you look hard enough. hope your fiance bought you something nice (along with replacements) with the money

  kirasant  |  19

Yeah, but it's a strange way to violate the trust. And yes, OP should leave him and consider herself lucky she hasn't married this guy already. Now she doesn't have to pay for a divorce, though she can call the cops for theft.