By cutiekenz21 - 31/07/2011 00:45 - United States

Today, my boyfriend's mother walked in on us having sex. He started crying and ran into the bathroom where my clothes were located, leaving me to deal with his mother. Naked. FML
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theboss3469 4

I bet the conversation with his mother was loads of fun right?


juliaaalove 8

What an intelligent comment my friend.

Hmm how do you get out of this one??

Sounds like a possible threesome scene ..

juicedboi 7

Today, my girlfriend realized just how manly I was. My mother caught us having sex, and my natural reaction was to cry and rub to the bathroom. FML

OP must be Vicky Valencourt and her boyfriend is Bobby Boucher (the Waterboy). "Little girls are the DEVIL!"

enonymous 8

This a perfect time to compare flavored lube.

If people learned to lock their doors FML wouldn't exist!

Well all the FML's involving people walking in on someone would not exist at least

you do realize that a 3-way would be incest, right?

gunmania0 12

87 - You've obviously never heard of the Lonely Island.

zakkyzebra 11

52, I'm trying to figure out if you actually meant to put "rub."

Just be a motherlover and obey the Golden Rule

Today, I walked in on my son and his girlfriebd having sex. He started crying and locked himself in the bathroom where her clothes were. I had to deal with her... While she was naked! FML

supermankisses 1

Congrats. Your boyfriend is a little bitch.

davidisbeast 12

Yea but having sex in a room that has no lock on the door isn't smart anyways :P

why not look her straight in the eyes and finish like a boss

what kind of boyfriend is that? is he 12?

Or if people who lived with their parents would stop having sex AT HOME...

LOL... Now thats some grown man business right there

NavyLovey 4

This has "I Jizzed in my Pants" written all over it. XD

RedMegane 4

What a wasteman. You shouldn't be doing that in the first place then

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randomchick15 0

He/she forgot the comma "wat a waste, man" and "wat a wasteman"... See the difference?

Yes. Hide and let them sort it out. Good strategy.

this was a reply to 45. IDK how it did that. I'm on the computer. ???

Excellent strategy. Hide and let them sort it out.

wow did the same thing twice. forget it. I give up.

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haha 92 well at least you tried :)

theboss3469 4

I bet the conversation with his mother was loads of fun right?

Hi_I_am_Q 0

Yeah they probably talked over a good game of monopoly with some coffee...

they made fun of how much of a pussy he was and plan on getting coffee together every Tuesday

this reminds me of the future stewie episode on family guy, "7 seconds of sex, 40 min of crying"

130- yes OP. now we know who the bitch in the relationship is

that is a very clever comment isnt it ? chuck norris says ; hell no !!!

Wheu .. Sounds like your bf is quite the catch

justcallmezombie 0

lol definitely sounds like a catch lol

elite_stoner 0

Babalu, creamchease was making fun of justcallmezombie for saying exactly what howslife just said... smh

23lf 16

Anyone who isn't on a FML would read that and be so confused

crizzy101 5

I think OP and her boyfriend might be underage. Thus, he hasn't completely matured yet.

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I love every comment u make, Patrick

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Llamassss 21

The pic makes the comment sound very dirty. I suppose the quotations help a little too, lol.

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the mom decided to spank her bc she was and girl