By I'm so wet, baby - 28/11/2014 17:27 - United Kingdom

Today, while at work, I really had to pee. Since my break was soon, I decided to hold it as another customer came to my till, but I didn't see she had 3 trolleys full of food. It took ages to scan all of it, and when I left for my break, I had an empty bladder and a wet seat. FML
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Well urine a sticky situation

I would have excuses myself personally. Taking customer service to the next level!


That really unlucky, I understand your pain!

Well urine a sticky situation

cmchappy 25

Clean up isle 3

clean up at checkout

I see what u did there

So did the rest of us. We just didn't need to state the obvious.

I bet OP was pissed when this happened

You clever bastard...

Ur puns are pissing me off

I hope you were allowed to go home or something OP, im so sorry this happened to you :(

I would have excuses myself personally. Taking customer service to the next level!

I agree, this almost seems like a YDI because you know where your limit is and should be able to leave yourself enough time to get to a bathroom. I would've asked someone to come take over when I realized she had so many things or I would've just excused myself anyways with a lot of apologies and telling the cashier beside me what was up and to watch the customer and help as soon as they could. On the other hand as much as it seems like a ydi nobody deserves to pee their pants at work, that's just awful. :(

Hope no one saw it .-.

At least the costumer wasn't... Pissy... :D

*inseet overused yell afterwards*

hopefully they let you go home to change. should have gone when you had the chance.

She did go when she had the chance. Just not in the place where she wanted it to go. Haha.

you the mvp for going putting your customers first! But i would still have recommended leaving cuz that could've been bad.

That's when you gotta call for backup. Sorry that happened to you OP.

cmchappy 25

Sorry that happened op hope you were allowed to go home and change