By Dickhead - 25/11/2011 15:02 - Lebanon

Today, I found a condom on my bed with a note written by my girlfriend that said, "Since you started acting like a dick, you might as well dress like one." FML
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you just got buuuuuuuuurrrrned! lol best joke ever

Glitterhinoceros 14

It'd be really cool if you could fit your whole body into that be completely casual while talking to your girlfriend


you just got buuuuuuuuurrrrned! lol best joke ever

Your girlfriend is funny. So funny I would say punny

blackheart24 10

Bahahaha that's fuckin hilarious. I love this joke.

LexiMariee16 0

I love your girlfriend OP!! YDI for acting like a dick in the first place, just be glad she didn't dump your butt!

was it a used condom?

mstangchck 9


Wear it to dinner with her parents when you do.

xoconnie 8

wellllll, what can i say... stop acting like a dick fool! come on. and thats really funny lol

jonan1212 5

You should be glad it fits you.

5- Do you even know he meaning of the word punny? I really doubt you do......

She made a play on the word dick by using both of it's meanings. A pun... Never question me again.

I just saw this condom thing on twitter today.

so true :P

What does OP mean? Just curious, & it's bothering me.

Original poster

Well she has a point

markrs 0

Hahahahaa, your girlfriend is punny!

SirObvious 1

If you acted like a bitch would you dress as her? Jk

Your girlfriend is very creative :D

At least she left it unused?

Its hard to use a condom as a girl when you're alone. Except when you have fruits at your disposal... Another great business opportunity.

She was implying that it was a goos thing his girlfriend did not cheat on him.

He never see it was unused

nlm92 15

178 if it was used in pretty sure that would be in the fml too.

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I highly doubt she is going to have sex with him, unless she's a real dumbass.

I was being facetious...

ikickgingers 15

If you need to explain you were being facetious - you aren't doing it right.

You sound like the biggest dick of all.

devonisthebest 7


Glitterhinoceros 14

It'd be really cool if you could fit your whole body into that be completely casual while talking to your girlfriend

kings1fan 6

they actually make condom costumes haha

At least she buys condoms

Agreed cause all we need is another dick head on this planet

sorry, but you just got owned

thebransan 0

Wear it proud

joee182 3

she coulda been more creative instead of using some lame joke ha

How is that not creative? Its quite humorous

What is more creative than that

You're just jealous because you didn't think of it first.

joee182 3

14:its just me ive heard it before its one of those jokes you laugh at the first time you hear it then after its not funny but thats just me

You could've been more creative instead of writing some lame comment.

Yanaa_fml 0

Well it's not creative, since she didn't come up with it on her own. I saw this on tumblr last month.

ikickgingers 15

Yes--because nobody reuses phrases they have seen before. Ahhahahaghddjisiii jajsjsjs. uehhfj Diegojdjbd disks sjsjsjsi sjsjsjsi shauaijendndj. ^^ I made that up. It's short in ikickgingers for stfu.

#10 Well, it's still more creative than what you wrote on your profile...

84, how do you know she didn't actually think of this on her own? I say things all the time that I've never heard or read anywhere then come across the same thing at a later time. just because YOU saw it on tumblr doesn't mean she did.

That must Rly hurt u on the inside. Just letting u know u deserve it dick

Because you know OP.. Please hibernate until the next full moon.

ikickgingers 15

Really Loves Yoda?

coletrain11 5

Taytoc, you're dumb.