By Anonymous - 05/02/2018 19:00

Today, my boyfriends mom walked in on us having sex. She is partially blind so she couldn’t tell what was going on. She had a full conversation while he was still inside me. FML
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manb91uk 22

Maybe she’s just sexually attracted to you

That seems like a thing I could totally see Mr. Magoo doing.

Pretty sure I’ve seen a **** with the same plot

Must be partially deaf as well, and her sense of smell isn't too keen either.

I swear I saw this a couple of days ago, am I having a serious case of deja vu here or is this a repost?

Lobby_Bee 17

Hah! I was just thinking the same thing.

There’s no sex noise? That must be some pretty ******* boring, uh, ... *******.

I’m pretty sure they did not keep going while the conversation was underway