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Today, my mom took my cell to work with her. When she got home later, she scolded me for not answering her calls. When I pointed out that she'd taken it, she grounded me for "talking back". FML
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She should have admitted her mistake; anything else is just plain stupid. FYL.


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Blond or not, she probably was dropped when she was little.

OPs mom is abusive. That's stressful to deal with. Bad things will come to her in the future.

Use reverse philosophy and tell her she's talking back and then ground her.

I'm blonde and I have the highest average in the 7th grade and take math classes at University at Buffalo.

Good for you! Want a cookie? Cause your smart dont have nothin to do with hair color. Im bettin OP's mom was dropped when she was a baby

anyone noticed that all moms are like this? they're always right, no matter how wrong they are.

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82- That's one of the reasons I can't wait to be a mother. ;-)

57 it's called Reverse Psychology.

47- My dad dropped a baby on her head once. Whi would've guessed that playing toss-the-baby wasn't going to turn out to ne a great idea...

15 I've been dropped when. I was 2 I'm perfectly fine

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64- Isn't that nice for you? Man, compared to you I feel so gosh darned inadequate that I might just drop everything and beg you to take my place at College.

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Do what you're not allowed to, You didn't do anything

Just remember one thing. No matter what you say even if you're right, your mother is always right.

In that case, she's right about being wrong.

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No. That is not right to say that. No matter who it is, never back down. Too often intimidation is allowed in situations like that. She is wrong, that is all there is to it.

so 2 if ur mom says u can jump off a cliff and land in a pool full of glass and ull be perfectly fine the bitch is still right?

Mom is always right...if she's wrong it's just in your head.. -Papa

58 I don't get what you are trying to say. Everything you said sounds safe.

Get used to it, same rules apply when you get married except it's your wife instead.

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#10 then she's right about being wrong.

She's a mother. she does not understand the concept.

She must have a lot of self-loathing and thus takes it out on the children.

Shit! Accidentally tumbed down this comment when I was trying to thumb up it.

She should have admitted her mistake; anything else is just plain stupid. FYL.

That sucks op. hide your phone next time.

Step to step guide to avoid this situation: 1. Check if phone is broken 2. Check if mother is broken 3. Sell both and buy a boat

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I would ground her. No cell phone for a month. Not that that would really be a problem for her...

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But then she's ground you back for attempting to revert her authority.

53- good point. I'd be mad if someone took my phone. Hint hint ;)

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Because you wouldn't have an amazing person like me to text you!!(;

Exactly!! The awesomeness is overwhelming! My phone would be so lame ;) haha

nixter5 18 you thumb up your own comments?! Someone has no friends other than me(:

Hahaha nixter5...of course I don't thumb up my own comments! I have a secret group of people who thumb up my comments for me ;)

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Liar! Go back to stuffing your face with Doritos and Cocoa Puffs while playing Temple Run like you did every night before I came into your dark, lonely life...

My life is soo insanely interesting. Even more interesting than "OH MY GODDDD WOMPWOMPWOMPPPPPWOMMMMPWUBBBBWUBBBBBWOMPPPPPPP!!!!!" Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH!

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Skrillex and LMFAO...yeah Graham...see. Those are 2 things we don't talk about on the interwebs. So many people get a corncob up their buttholes at the slight mention of Skrillex, and Sexy And I Know It, is SOOOO 2011 (I can say that now :D).

Yes.. Those songs are almost as lame as you are for not having your license yet ;))

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Hey, look who's talking! Your parents have to be heavily sedated just to sit calmly in the passenger seat as you run thru red lights asking questions such as, "Is this one the brake?"

Actually I've only hit a few curbs..but no severe damage! ;)

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Other than 2 missing bumpers, a flattened stop sign, a few ripped off hubcaps and other things of that nature, right?

My passengers do not get white knuckles when I drive!! I'm just such a driving stud ;)

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The only reason they don't get white knuckles is because there's nothing for them to grip onto except for dear life, which, when you drive, isn't in the best of hands...

At least I even have passengers! Everyone is too scared to ride in a car with you in the drivers seat!!

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Whatever Graham. You don't have to be so mean just because of what happened. I know you're still in love with me, but I've told you before and I'll say it again, I do not like you at all...Sierra has my heart, and you won't change that. So take the corncob out of YOUR but and do us both a favor and give up.

Guys... there's a private message feature for a reason.

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I wish the Moderator would go **** himself.

Hahahahahahahahaha oh my gosh nixter5 you're hilarious!!!! Oh really?! Who's this Sierra person?!;) okay my phone battery is about to die..just a warning! And to the random person who commented, we are fully aware of this feature. But sometimes conversations are more fun when open to the public.

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Dear Moderator, First of all, you should know I typer this with my middle finger. Sincerely, nixter5

99- *typed Come on, your middle finger obviously doesn't type well!;) And to the moderator, I second nixter5's message. Sincerely, Graham11

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When your middle finger is wider than the penis of the Moderator, yes, it gets a little difficult to type on a tiny touch keyboard.

101- oh snap!! You did not just go there!!!! BOOM!

Unfortunately thats just how it is sometimes :/

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Take every opportunity to correct her on every little thing. She'll love it