By thyisnothorses - 29/04/2012 03:55 - United States - Scituate

Today, I was grounded by my mom because I had slept in past 11, when she wanted me to wake up at seven to do chores. According to her logic, I should have seen the note she left on the counter earlier this morning. FML
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Wait, 11:00 P.M. right? 11:00 A.M. is just an urban legend.


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True, but the fact she called him a dick, I felt I had to humiliate her. She had no reason to call him such a name.

So the mother is stupid for putting the note there while OP was asleep, but they should have seen the note anyway? Your comment makes no sense.

I feel so bad for these people that post stories like this. Their parents seem so difficult to deal with.

Once my mom told me she wasn't going to take me to school fifteen minutes before it started since I hadn't cleaned the kitchen properly. I walked, or rather ran, to school and was 30 minutes late. -_-

My dad is that same kind of idiot, but I'm still having trouble figuring out how OP's mother can actually be that stupid.... It's not great... :/

Michael_92 20

Okay I'm having a hard time here...so who are you agreeing with? You cant say the mom is stupid and you should have seen the note then to top it if FYL...makes NO sense.

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Pretty sure #1 was using sarcasm, people.

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ok u just failed.. first you say that the loguc failed and then she should have seen the note... that makes no sence.. second how is she supposed to read a note in her sleep

79 YOU failed. But I won't tell you how. I'll leave it to my fellow nazis.

That’s when you say “cool” and go back to bed.

Gotta be careful of them chores... Bite ya in the ass don't they?... So do those early morning notes I guess xD

So do surprise Allied invasions while your on vacation, eh Rommel? :D (for non-WWII people, D-Day occurred June 6th, 1944, right when Rommel, the German commander who was supposed to be in charge of the defense of the Normandy coastline, was on vacation in Germany.)

Well technically he was celebrating his wife's birthday....

Plus Rommel not being there had nothing to do with it. Hitler didn't release the panzer reserves so that led to Normandys downfall. Otherwise Normandy wouldn't have been lost

Bah, if Rommel was there on the 6th, he wouldve said, "**** Hitler's orders, give me my panzers!" von Rundstead couldn't get Hitler to release them (because Hitler was not to be woken!), but Rommel wouldn't even have bothered with Hitler at all.

Personally, I'd rather be grounded than woken up by a howler... The screaming and bursting into flames thing is just too much to handle first thing in the morning.... :L

Wait, 11:00 P.M. right? 11:00 A.M. is just an urban legend.

Sounds like a trap. If your mum really wanted you to do chores she would have woke you up.

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You all don't wake up at 7am every morning to check for important notes lying around?? Ya neither do I.

Ok you prob. have the same chores every weekend and this is prob a reoccuring issue. If not apply for a new mom.

"Now seeking age 40 Caucasian female." Yeah, lemme know how that works out.

Ok you prob. should stop typing like that

Some moms out there are just a little bit psycho.

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Some are even more than the last one. :3

sooo agree with that I don't get my mom sometimes she has a woop woop crazy side to her sometimes haha

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How are you supposed to read the note while you're sleeping? There's absolutely no logic there.

Next time whole she's sleeping leave her a note saying that your going out, then leave Maybe that's how her logic works

Kaito_Hacker 6

and then OP will get ground again for the opposite reason.

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Your mom and my mom should go bowling sometime. I got grounded for getting my hair cut... I was 16.

You were only grounded because you didn't save the clippings for your baby book. These are important memories you're tampering with.

Michael_92 20

Were you drunk too? Maybe that's why she grounded you.