Shower sex time?

By mark - 31/12/2011 17:40 - United States

Today, my wife was about to take a shower, when she called me into the bathroom. She stripped me off and pulled me in with her. As I started to get into it, she sighed, "Thank god. You really needed a shower." FML
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Your wife is pretty fucking smart ;)

that1guy1 13

Take the hint and start showering daily, use soap. You're lucky she didn't just hose you down and stick you with a bar of soap ties to a stick.


that1guy1 13

Take the hint and start showering daily, use soap. You're lucky she didn't just hose you down and stick you with a bar of soap ties to a stick.

monkeysareyummy 0

Showering once a day won't kill you. And if you want to have more sex with your wife, I'd advise good personal hygiene. Does wonders in bed ;)

Who doesn't shower at least once a day?....

Rule #34 no exceptions

Why is it everyone finds it unfathomable that a person can shower every day but still engage in activities that induce sweat and body odor? Is it because none of you have heard of physical activity? Surely you at least covered it in school even if you didn't continue it in your fat, lazy adult lives...

BarDownDaily 12

TBH you should never shower if it means you get to shower with your wife.

Take it easy 38. It'll be OK....

xStaciexLynnx 15

I don't know about you 38, but I'm not a fat lazy ass. I sweat and then... I SHOWER. Imagine. You can both sweat AND shower once a day.

I think this FML should be the other way round. Its not as bad for the husband as it is for the wife.

51, Surely then having lived a life with varying ranges of physical activity you'd realise its not always obvious to the individual that they do smell or have in fact even been sweating...

Oops sorry meant to thumbs this down... Stupid iPod touch

This is quite possibly the best way ever to be informed of the imminent need for a shower.

Maybe she thought you were a lil smelly. At least she was being honest.

:/ for some reason I could picture you saying that but with MJ's tiny high pitched voice lol

lebronesque73091 12

You got to shower with your wife, quit complaining.

Right 54, Op took out two birds with one stone :)

Your wife is pretty fucking smart ;)

Trisomy18 4


At least she made you smell better?maybe now she will have sex with you...

She wants you nice and clean for some special things she has planned later tonight ;)

Butt plug stuff?

29- damn what are you on? That's a fucking creepy imagination you have.

How can you live with being dirty? I hate it personally.

You smelly bro?

toxicpinkcandy 10

lmao ^_^

perdix 29

How did you get so far along without knowing how stinky you can be and still be doable? Usually this is straightened out a few months into dating?

Ignorance is bliss perdix

perdix 29

When you realize that you can go three days without bathing and your wife/girlfriend will still fuck you, you can reduce the time you waste showering by 75%. That's some powerful knowledge!

Let's hope no one uses it for evil

flockz 19

if you smell that bad, then this is the wettest you're going to see her for awhile.

You mean someone could be even wetter than being completely drenched in water? Tell me more.

48- ummm... Possibly.. *awkward silence*

Well said sir well said

You gotta do what you gotta do