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Today, after my mom picked me up from the mall, she asked me what was in my bag from Gap. I wouldn't tell her, and she ended up grounding me. It was her Mother's Day present. FML
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tjshatescra 8

Shoulda just told her it was a surprise for her...but FYL

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tjshatescra 8

Shoulda just told her it was a surprise for her...but FYL

oj101 33

Then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, would it?

A Mothers Day present on Mothers day can't be that shocking.

hellobobismyname 24

It's sure to leave a Gap between mother and daughter :(

@18: If OP says it's her Mothers Day gift, but doesn't say what, it'll still be a surprise. Plus OP could also say they were using a GAP bag to hold the gift and that they got the gift at a different store. Not saying anything makes OP seem a bit suspicious, even though their intentions were good.

bamagrl410 31

Or OP could've actually put it in another shopping bag to hide it. If your parents are known for asking questions, don't give them things to ask questions about.

it will be because she wont have seen the actual gift

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7yzzFML 17

What a bitch, I agree, return everything you got for, and sneak out anyway, then when the day comes tell her what you bought her and why you returned it. Some parents are ******* useless, cant even go to the store and buy something without them prying their eyes.

7yzzFML 17

We're not talking about prying eyes for a gift, OP's mother obviously just didnt trust him/her and was enough of an asshole to ground them for it.

Key words you used there, "as a kid". Her mother should know better. Whether or not they had prying eyes, adults should afford their children some privacy, and punishing them for wanting it is wrong. If my mother had grounded me in this situation I would have then handed her the bag and said "Glad it was worth it trying to make your mothers day gift a surprise, enjoy"

Exactly she doesn't deserve any gifts from anyone

capricornsssss 15

All mums are crazy in someway or other

What could it possibly have been that she felt the need to ground you for it? Nuclear weapons purchased at GAP?

Lasagnaa 24

Sounds just like my mom. So nosy!

Why not hide the bag in the first place?

ApollosMyth 22

Where would she hide it exactly? Under her clothes?

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If OP is male that would be a tad bit absurd

A better Mother's Day gift than the clothes? Pictures of her baby boy cross-dressing.

Xatraris 38

It's just drugs and alcohol, Mom. Did you expect it to be a gift for you that you want early? Dang!

What was going through her mind? Was she worried you bought something slutty at the Gap? That's not even possible.

dreamweeper370 10

Maybe she will unground you after you give it to her.

jojimugo 20
Wizardo 33

Show her the present on Mothers Day and watch her burn up in guilt and remorse youngling and then revel in your psychological revenge, mwahahaha.

What evil thing did she think you bought from the gap? A drug infused tee-shirt?