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Today, my mom told me I was conceived on Halloween. She thought it would be funny to say "Let's just say your dad was not wearing his ghost costume." She then winked. I am now scarred for life. FML
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... grow up baby, ur parents ****! deal with it!

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I'll bet the OP means "scarred" for life. Just another instance where some Internet dummy doesn't know that doubling a letter can change the whole meaning of a sentence. What a looser! So, Casper the Friendly Ghost wasn't wearing his raincoat when he entered Mom's dark, moist, scary haunted mansion!


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+8=====D =  <wait what?! wasted comment :D

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haha!! oh wow now I get it xD

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scarred*...and that's not as bad as the Fml I saw a while back saying "Today, my mother told me against my will that she swallows. FML" you got lucky by those standards lol

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your parents had sex and now you exist so fyl ?

haha that's a weird thing for your mom to tell you :-|

hahaha xD first fml to make me laugh in a Long time. your mom is cool

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yes 1 I'm sure her mom does suck her dads balls

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You mean, 'scarred* for life'? Fail grammar, OP.

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*FTW. darn iPod touch. changing what I type.

#80....uhm...grammar or...spelling? Seems like you're on the same idiot boat as the OP.

#80 I'm pretty sure OP meant to misspell "scarred" as "scared" because, you know, the FML had to do with Halloween, which is, y'know, scary... get the joke...?

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so i guess... it's scary that you exist.

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#6, i don't think that's ironic.

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sexy time high five very nice!

mmm halloween brings back some wild memories if ya no wut i mean kinda weired i remember tht from wen i wuz 13

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that wasn't very scarring, maybe to other people but hey, I've seen my parents doing it and they were not under the covers.

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wow #128, 13 seriously? little whorish dontcha think?

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128, I did that too except I was alone.... and 11

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OP's mom doesn't or else he wouldn't be here.

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ooo that is weird I hope I'm first btw lol but srsly

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supercalafragilisticexpialidicious fail

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did I spell that wrong? is it supercal(i)fragilisticexpialid(o)cious ...yeahh I think that's it...

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yeap it's the second one the supercalifragilisticexpialidotious xD

KarinaLizeth18 5

dammit!!! D:< I fail too haha it's: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious geez there finaly haha

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KarinaLizeth18 5

supercaliGIBBERISH haha random word it means nothing... :|

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You meanarry Poppins lied to me? D;

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Mary Poppins is a lie with catchy music? that's the worst of the liars!

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I said I hope I'm first I never said I was and if it wasn't for anti flood I woulda been first

haha ewww....kinda funny though lol never heard of the term "ghost costume" x) kudos

let's just say the inside of your moms ****** was wearing a ghost costume that night, a creamy white ghost costume.

... grow up baby, ur parents ****! deal with it!

still, not something you want to hear. people who say stuff like you just did annoy me. yea its natural or normal or whatever, but no one wants to hear thungs about their parents sex lives. i know i dont. conjures horrific images in my head.

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if this "scared" you, you need thicker skin OP.

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.... Isn't it obvious that your parents had to have had sex in order for you to even be here? I'd get it if your mom was telling you how she and your dad roleplayed in bed last night, and he was in a ghost costume. I'd feel very sorry for you. I do feel slightly bad that you heard the details, but stop crying. It's not like she told you he gave it to her from behind while she leaned against the dryer. Yes, I'm purposely trying to add to the trauma.

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I agree, it's ridiculous how so many people these days freak out at their parents banged at one point in time. Am I the ony one who thinks it's kind of sweet?

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it would be REALLY weird if your name was mike myers..

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So FML because your father and mother concieved you? How horrible. FOL - F our lives for reading this crap.

stop complaining about it, if it wasn't for them you wouldn't even be here to post this lame flm :|