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By  perdix  |  29

I'll bet the OP means "scarred" for life. Just another instance where some Internet dummy doesn't know that doubling a letter can change the whole meaning of a sentence. What a looser!

So, Casper the Friendly Ghost wasn't wearing his raincoat when he entered Mom's dark, moist, scary haunted mansion!

  omgimdabest  |  0

scarred*...and that's not as bad as the Fml I saw a while back saying "Today, my mother told me against my will that she swallows. FML" you got lucky by those standards lol

  Taipan_fml  |  0

#80 I'm pretty sure OP meant to misspell "scarred" as "scared" because, you know, the FML had to do with Halloween, which is, y'know, scary... get the joke...?

  cstevanus  |  4

still, not something you want to hear. people who say stuff like you just did annoy me. yea its natural or normal or whatever, but no one wants to hear thungs about their parents sex lives. i know i dont. conjures horrific images in my head.

By  dudeitsdanny  |  9

.... Isn't it obvious that your parents had to have had sex in order for you to even be here?

I'd get it if your mom was telling you how she and your dad roleplayed in bed last night, and he was in a ghost costume. I'd feel very sorry for you.

I do feel slightly bad that you heard the details, but stop crying. It's not like she told you he gave it to her from behind while she leaned against the dryer.

Yes, I'm purposely trying to add to the trauma.