Thanks, I hate it

By nakedyogagirl - 03/09/2010 00:16 - United Kingdom

Today, on my way to work, the obese old guy in the house opposite mine offered me tips on my yoga technique. Not only were his tips helpful, but I now know I should either close my curtains or put clothes on when I do yoga. FML
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ilovenerds_ 1

WTF? This is so messed up in sooo many ways.

Naked yoga, pics or OP is lying.... Not of the dude of course

Cupcakeshizz 0

why would you even do yoga naked?!

17 why wouldN'T you do yoga naked?!! you haven't really done yoga till you've done it naked lol nice body btw :)

I don't believe you OP!! Pics or it didn't happen ;) jk

LOLatU87 0
MarkerofMagic 0

to do yoga you don't have to be naked. just the skin tight yoga pants work:). haha but FYL op. maybe he hasn't seen you do it but knows you do and wanted to be helpful:)

20 is right how can you hate on something you've never tried. 17 I'd recommend doing naked yoga.

or? I think having the blinds close does the trick.

I can understand why op would be doing yoga naked... I mean if you want relaxation what's better than naked yoga... but why would you do it with the blinds open... unless you want people to see?

OP, are you the person from TFLN looking for a naked yoga instructor in craigslist?

obese guy go fap fap fap, him telling OP to. close cutains must mean OP just ugly :/ idk.

the question is why wouldnt u do yoga naked :)

kinukle 0

close the curtains. pants just hinder me...

PanteraRules 0

Why would he even give op a hint that he sees... if he does

flyfgw 3

You have pretty great photoshopping skills

Fat guy is not smart !!! if he was he'd have not said anything!!! fat old guy fails!!!

fat guy doesn't exist because this is fake

y would u do yoga naked in front of an open window??????

^this. i'm not sure if the op is an attention ***** or just a liar

shadyecko 0

Because it's unfair to others to do yoga fully clothed if you are a girl.

I would think closing your curtains would be the first thing you do, darling. Especially if you're going to do Yoga naked! Oh, I should try that sometime!~

JillianlikesVogu 0

I do exactly what the OP does...and yeah, it's relaxing, especially with the sun beaming down on you....who cares if anyone sees?

RoccoRox 0

naked yoga in the morning really gets your chi ready for the day.

How is Yoga and Chi even related, may I ask

MarkerofMagic 0

why do you keep commenting on his posts. may i ask?

RoccoRox 0

I just know that yoga relaxes you haha.

KylAisAmazingG 0

#33...I think #32 really is trying to "cyber stalk "

KylAisAmazingG 0

and... have extremely massive eyebrows.... :

RoccoRox 0

comeon guys, she's a lady. didn't your mom teach you to be nice to ladies?

MarkerofMagic 0

I didn't say anything badd just wondering why she comments on your thing alot haha. I soto but that was because you were being smooth with that other girl haha

RoccoRox 0

lol I wasn't trying to creep on her or anything she's like 16 haha I just thought she was pretty, notice i didn't say hot haha. and I'm more talking to that kyle or whatever guy.

MarkerofMagic 0

the amazingG guy? haha and I'm 16 so I can call her hot because she is:P

RoccoRox 0

I am. that's why I'm saying I wasn't creeping on a 16 year-old I just thought she was pretty.

KylAisAmazingG 0

im a female.... named Kyla. not a guy named Kyle. is it hard to read an A in my screen name? seriously? I put it in caps for a reason.

KylAisAmazingG 0

have you seriously never seen or heard the name Kyla before?

RoccoRox 0

well, kylA, maybe you shouldn't critisise some poor girls picture when you, yourself don't even have a picture.

KylAisAmazingG 0's because I'm on my iPod.. and don't even know the website of this thing to put up a picture, much less, I don't know how...:

RoccoRox 0

and not spelled Kyla, I've heard a Kayla but not Kyla.

KylAisAmazingG 0

the girl who plays in dr. Doolittle...her real name is Kyla.. Kyla pratt. and that's the only famous one I know of...

RoccoRox 0

then don't be ignorant and stuck up. you don't have the right to insult peoples pictures when you could look horrid.

MarkerofMagic 0

I'm on my iPod and I have a picture:). not that hard to do. v

KylAisAmazingG 0

if I would have said she is the most beautiful person ice ever seen, would you have said something to me then?

KylAisAmazingG 0

#61...please tell me how to post a picture, from an iPod...I'm dying to know!

RoccoRox 0

no I wouldn't. it's not that hard to be nice. have some respect, she has feelings.

KylAisAmazingG 0

Ok... I said something about her eyebrows.... Wow. It's not like I was calling her ugly... I never said that. She's pretty, with massive eyebrows. It's not hard to see that.

Thanks :) Oh and Kyla, I'm not allowed to wax them as yet. And your username is inappropriate according to your attitude.

RoccoRox 0

and you don't think that hurts her feelings? get a heart kid, this isn't highschool, if you wanna go anywhere in life you should try being nice.

KylAisAmazingG 0

it's not like I called you ugly....I even said that in my post [#66]..

KylAisAmazingG 0

I'm older than her. and just because I said something about someones [EYEBROWS] doesn't mean I'm not nice. but this is the Internet, nothing you say to me will hurt me, make me, or break me. :)

KylAisAmazingG 0

not only am I not in high school, but you have no idea anything about me, or my life, you don't know where I am in life. I'm actually going somewhere with it.

RoccoRox 0

I'm not trying to hurt you chick, either way what you said was mean and bitchy. if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all(:

Then I might as well say that, you are a bitch who can't keep from poking her huge schnozzle into others' conversations. I bet that didn't hurt. It wasn't meant to be offensive. Cheers.

RoccoRox 0

girl, you need to calm down. I said nothing about your life or where your going with it.

KylAisAmazingG 0

who's conversation was I poking in? : not yours. I can be a bitch. though I wasn't. I complimented you and said you was pretty. [if you didn't see that]

Uh-oh. I just your comment before the one you just posted. Sorry. Ignore what I just said.

KylAisAmazingG 0

and no... it didn't hurt... whatever schnozzle means... : maybe a new high school thing? who knows. I'm done posting, saying that, you said you can't "wax" yet...ever heard of tweezers? it's not waxinggggg. k now byeee.

Kanvis78 0
RedPillSucks 31

Damn, Just because a woman doesn't torture herself by pulling out most of her eyebrow hair doesn't mean there's a need to insult her. Not every culture is into that nonsense

Now, was there a point in that useless "argument"? Just asking. Last time I checked this was a FML, not a chatroom.

wowww if 45 is soooo mature cuz she's out of high school, why even say that, cummonn :/ ..... people these days

baby_dee97 8

wow kyla why would you capitalise the a? that's retarded. it makes people think it's the start of a new word. and then you don't capitalise the I so no duh he called you Kyle. the picture doesn't flatter yourself either....

xxchristixx 1

No lie n sooo random but u are very attractive

FYLDeep 25

What an idiot! Now he's gonna lose his free show. He should have known to keep his mouth shut.

KaleidoscopePope 0

I know! **** his life he just lost the best entertainment he's probably ever seen

perdix 29

Guys, if the free show were any good, he'd have kept his mouth shut and enjoyed the free, live ****. Evidently, the show is pretty disgusting, even by obese, old dude standards!

#38 Why can't there be a "Like" button!! (I know theres a thumbs up/down, but its not the same)

Kanvis78 0

YDI for taking your clothes off to trick Wii fit into thinking you lost weight!

Make a living giving nude yoga classes. Seeing as it's too late anyway. Just kidding but why would you not close the curtains? Half these "nude" FMLs are ones where there are wide open curtains...

iiAteCookies 0

I bet he can do Sun Salutation with his belly fat.

YDI for being paranoid. He's trying to help you! Who says that you can't be friends with a fat person?