By Anonymous - 03/09/2010 00:52 - Australia

Today, I found out that one of my best mates had his backpack, clothes, and everything else in it stolen at an airport overseas. I was feeling sorry for him all day. It took me 9 hours to remember that I actually loaned him my backpack for his trip. FML
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but it was only backpack unless u lent him ur clothes as well :L

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It's only a backpack,is it that big of a deal? Your best friend lost all his stuff.....



look the reason I only said fail was because I wanted to be first. I finally got first!!!!!! yes. yes I am proud of myself for you dicks out there :D but seriously the OP is retarded

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woahhh you got first on a website. I berthas was your life dream man.

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You deserve it for having a back... that needs a pack.

I stil feel more bad for the friend than you. You only lost a backpack he lost all the stuff in it, even his clothes. f his life not yours.

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Lol, at 13 for using a word wrong.

You lost a bag, he lost his stuff. I can imagine it now... "Today I lost my backpack full of sentimental memorabilia and personal stuff. My 'friend' was sympathetic until he realized it was his Wal-Mart bag that he lent to me. He got all pissy about it and blames me about his backpack, FML."

21 double ditto or, "ddiittttoo", if you want to be fancy.


I wasted the first comment (like everyone does) just to get first. and I finally got it for the first time!!! and yes. I do feel proud of myself for finally getting it for all you dicks out there :D but the OP is retarded

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13. the airport can't compensate you if you got it stolen in the airport. it's only when the airlines lose your bags is when they pay you for it.

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hey 31. no need to post that twice.


#36 I tried to write it once but it wasn't there so I wrote it a second time and it worked. does my first one show up on yours?

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The ****? He lost all his clothes/possessions. You just lost a goddamn bag..


#50 everybody gets one. lol family guy reference.

I cant believe you're actually crying over a backpack that you probably bought at walmart, when your friend lost everything! ydi for being selfish

wow fcking selfish much? it's more of a F HIS life not urs. he lost all his stuff u lost a stupid bag? grow a pair and stop being a selfish wh ore

must be a really good backpack for you to find it more important than you're buddy getting robbed of all his shit...otherwise super duper fail-__-

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lol @ #23 for making fun of #13 and not knowing that 'recompense' is a real word. rec·om·pense [rek-uh m-pens] -verb (used with object) 1. to repay; remunerate; reward, as for service, aid, etc.

dude its just a backpack. your friend lost all his clothes F his life

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#26 win. I was thinking the same thing.

you lost a backpack. big deal. your friend lost his stuff. fhl.

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youre friend lost all his stuff,you lost your damn bookbag asswhole

#26, serious flaw in your argument. Australia has no Wall-Mart. :'(

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thankyooh! I was thinking exactly the same!!

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mega friend fail, his best friend had everything stolen and is stranded over seas and hes worried about his back pack?

but it was only backpack unless u lent him ur clothes as well :L

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That's what I was thinking. How is OP's life ******?

Exactly. Those packs that people use to go backpacking can cost $500. Not to mention most people get properly fitted for one that they can haul around for months on end.

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if that is the case, op, then I say YDI for lending your friend something so expensive. everytime you lend something out, you run the risk of it getting damaged. you have to be prepared for that. not to mention the fact that your friend lost EVERYTHING he had, and you lost just the backpack (expensive or not). and yet he's not the one typing the FML.

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what would your dog need a backpack for?

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unless it's you lend him ur clothes than fyl other than that it's a stupid backbag buy another one

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It's only a backpack,is it that big of a deal? Your best friend lost all his stuff.....

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totally agree with you #8. while OP is on FML whining about his lost backpack his/her friend lost everything in said backpack. I think it should be f his friends life.

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poor you. this fml pissed me off because your worried about a ****** backpack.

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It really pissed me off, too. I hate it when people make everything about them.

Seriously! it's a backpack get a new one what about the stuff your friend lost! FHL

omg!! how dare he loose your backpack, man up and buy a new one

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He never went overseas. This was all part of an elaborate scheme to steal your backpack.

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Reminds me of the time I made that elaborate scheme to steal this guys virginity. BUT, that's a whole other story. *Walks away whistling*

knibbsy 4

An elaborate plan to steal a guys virginity, eh? Let me guess - you said "Do me." No, not it? Oh, that's right. You said "You know if you put that in here, you will make millions in the next two minutes!" to which he replied "Really?! I'll finally be able to buy that Ferrari I've always wanted!" Two and a half minutes later, he said "Where is the cash?" and your reply was "I wasn't talking about money..."

FFML_314 11

No, I just convinced him that his sperm was made of gold.

knibbsy 4

Hmm...I always thought gold came in pots, not boxes. At least I know what to look for next time I see a rainbow.

knibbsy 4

I honestly can't believe you've gone your whole life without hearing that term; it's extremely common. Box is another word for ******. Now please read my comment again and tell me how full of win it is.

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I've never heard anyone use that term before

knibbsy 4
knibbsy 4

You to jubilantly thank me and say how amazing it feels to know another meaning of box, and to commend me on such a witty comment. Hell, I might even take canned laughter.

FFML_314 11

It takes a privileged person to get a laugh out of me. :] I applaud your witty comment though.