By joe rogan fucking sucks, dude - Australia - Warwick
Today, my girlfriend informed me that during the night, I shot up in bed and whimpered tearfully, "I don't have anything for the fancy-dress!" She also decided to share this with all our friends. I'm never going to live this down. FML
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  wondercat40  |  28

My friend spent the night once, and she was a sleep talker AND walker. In the middle of the night, she sleep-beaten my other friend with a teddy bear, muttering, "Get away, Doll Demon. Bad Doll!" She had NO clue that happened.

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

I used to walk and talk in my sleep too. My fad cites the time I came downstairs, told him my brother stole my Digimon cards and then walked right back up the stairs. Guess I should be thankful that my dad isn't as easily spooked as me.

  kendall123232  |  3

My little cousin (like 7 at the time) managed to sleep walk outside and get himself locked out. When he woke up it was cold, but he had enough sense to sleep in his moms unlocked car. My Aunt said she was never so scared in her life and now puts chairs in front of their doors at night. I suggested he wear a bell

  nightbirdblue  |  27

I've shaken my friend awake, went on a rant about some chocolate cereal (shaking her again if I thought she fell asleep), and then demanded that she bring me some of that cereal in my sleep. The only way my friend managed to get me to get me to calm down was to act like she was going to go get it for me. She was not pleased as it took her a half hour at around 4 in the morning to figure out that pretending was the way to get me to leave her alone so she could go back to sleep. I don't remember any of this.