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Today, my mom stopped playing badminton with me because she claimed I was too aggressive. Apparently winning, playing by the rules, and smashing is considered aggressive. FML
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Aggressive and badminton... Two words I never thought I would see put together.

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ilovemychem 22

I would love to see OP and their family spending a nice and quiet monopoly night.

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#50, that's his point, it's not

Yeah ok, thanks captain obvious. I thought you fmlers could smell sarcasm a mile away.

But replying to sarcasm with sarcasm doesn't really work, seeing as how what worked with his joke was the implication, and you kind of robbed it of that by stating it more obviously. And it's easy to see how it would be confused for not-sarcasm, since it didn't really resemble sarcasm. It came off as that incredulous way of saying 'since when' that people use when someone says something that you AREN'T agreeing with, whereas if he's being sarcastic then you are agreeing with him...

Didn't see your edit until my time was up: I was sarcastically agreeing with him. Now if you're finished having a meltdown over a misunderstood comment, would you like to move on?

Condescension will get you nowhere. But I guess it's easier than admitting that how you played your comment out could be confusing to others over the internet where people can't hear tone or inflection, and where people often post things like 'since when' seriously. I didn't have a meltdown I was having a discussion with you. And yes, we're done, you child. I understood what you meant, but I also understood the confusion the other person had so tried explaining it to you. I geuss that's what I get.

Oh yes cause I really care how far I get on FML. There are more important things to achieve in life sorry.. I'm not trying to deny anything about my comment. I just don't see the point in having a debate with you, over the fact that you didn't understand my ******* comment.

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@telli164 Damn. Just admit you screw up already. You can't even take the high road properly.

I already did. And I don't need to calm my **** you lil biatch. Im laughing at you all for getting so wound up over a comment. Well done guys.

uh 95, 69 just CLEARLY said he understood what you meant, but you felt the need to swear and tell him he doesnt understand? you got just as worked up as anyone else did. so yeah, you do need to calm ya **** and stop being so rude.

Perhaps the mother isn't very competetive at all and just wants to relax by having a calm game.

Maybe she just wanted to play for fun?

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Don't feel bad. A little competition is healthy.

The mother should be happy they're not playing tennis then

=_= #20. Competition allows us to be more innovative, and constantly stride to do better, in order to come out on top.

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There are actually some kid leagues of soccer that don't keep score. Basically, everyone wins. It's complete shit. There's no incentive to try, just so everyone "feels good. "

I know right! There are also sports days when no one is a winner. I mean come on, in life there are winners and there are losers and teaching that is better than trying to save others feelings. Nobody doing a job interview will be like "Good try, everyone who applied is getting a job."

No child left behind! It's bullying to have someone lose! Etc etc bleeding heart BS.

#53, I still find those leagues ironic, because then the kids feel shitty for essentially being worthless to the outcome of the game, as nothing they do changes anything.

Too aggressive with the (shuttle)****

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I love a good **** innuendo.

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In the words of Nigel thornberry,smashing"

^ this comment. Ahahaha why did you get thumbed down for this?? Brilliant :)

Aggressive and badminton... Two words I never thought I would see put together.

That shuttlecock goes pretty fast when smashed by a professional. I can see how someone delivering a hard smash at someone relatively new to the sport could be a bit scared. In that sense it can be aggressive- aggressive smashing. I know someone who lost an eye due to smash, so yea it's a physical sport!

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my friends did the same as OPs mom, claiming I was smashing too much and not letting them play. I was on the badminton team, and we were taught not to stoop to the opposite players abilities, and though it sounds harsh, I still hold that rule with me today for basically everything I do.

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@79 well, if you're playing for fun, what's the point of trying to dominate the other player. It's not a serious competition. I never understood why people need to win at any cost in every game. Sometimes it's the playing that's fun.

Sore losers always come up with excuses

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If your mom is a beginner or not as good, maybe you should have taken it down a notch! But if you want some practice, try and also find someone who is equally skilled, if not better!

Honestly, I can see where the mother is coming from. Even if she isn't a beginner she could just want to play a casual game of badmitton and he's being really competitive, I've seen people like that before.

Exactly! I had a friend who always did that and it was really annoying when you just wanted to play a relaxing game.

Don't take it personally, she secretly wish she could could beat you.

#8 shuttlecock is just more fun to say

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playing with mom... LAME expecting her to play competitive.... SUPERLAME get a life

Obvious troll is obvious. But I'll bite and send some troll back. My mother was a college volley ball player and I've yet to beat that woman at volley ball and have had a few black eyes from catching her spikes with my face. Trust me, she competes. Also, "just cuz yo mama lame don't mean every mama be lame!"

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uhh no... I wish I could play sports with my mom but she can't and doesn't even know how to... only zumba x) that's always fun!

The same thing happened with me when I played ping pong with this guy. We were playing inside and he kept saying the wind blew the ball or I had experience so it didn't count. He would stand to one side of the table and when I hit it on the other he said I was cheating. He would also double touch and when I called him on it he said I making up rules. Some people are just sore losers OP. Be proud you're good at something and go find someone who plays by the rules and doesn't mind losing sometimes.