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His girlfriend probably wouldn't believe him even if he did try and explain it to him. Girls like that are just fuckin crazy, and you need to just avoid them like the plague. (hint hint OP)


The trick is to beat them, but "keep it close." Beating the shit out of them is almost as big a date-ender as throwing a game. There is one game where the girls like to win. I call it "Count the Orgasms." If a girl beats me 8-1, or 15-2, they seem to be OK with that. They know I tried my best, but I just came up short, so to speak. Shutouts are no good, however, the DSBs are painful.

Sounds to me that your gf is a total competitive bitch. She won a ping pong game. Big deal. It's probably in your best interest to drop her while you can. This behavior won't change.

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