By gross - 20/10/2010 16:14 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend and I were lying in bed with a pedestal fan on facing us when my boyfriend sneezed. Where did he sneeze? Into the fan, which then sprayed it all over my face. FML
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Ha! I know the feeling. Mr. Doe figured out exactly where to stand in front of the A/C to make a fart spread throughout our whole apartment. He thought it was hilarious till I turned the tables on him after a taco fiesta. Yeah, it's probably a good thing that summer's over. An escalation couldn't end well. :]


You should pee in front of the fan while he is sitting in front of it...


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you swap saliva with him anyways...

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12, that's the worst thing that probably happened to her "today."


You should pee in front of the fan while he is sitting in front of it...

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So what, my boyfriend sneezes in my face on purpose. Idc it's not going to make me love him any less. Omg it's such a big deal! Get over yourself Op.

#25 at the end of the text is FML which means f my life. so 12 was correct in their interpretation.

I totally agree!! Fairs fair!! But still disgusting.... I hate when my hunnie sneezes all over me, grosses me out and pisses me off!! Anyways, FYL

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Wow, yup your life is ruined, how can you go on living? :/

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lol I love your picture! that is hilarious!!

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2, I know huh? What a disastear! My siblings always sneeze in my face but you don't see me posting it as an FML.

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Thaazzzz nasty! LOL Atleast its not some strangers boogers?

Where was he sposed to sneeze u aussie piece of kangaroo shit? So this ruins yer life? U need to get one first.

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He was suppose to cover his mouth. It's really not that hard.

wow you're a very unnecessarily racist asshole mr_asshole.

OP I know you secretly love getting facials don't deny it haha

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At least you guys arw exchanging body fluids :)

If your grossed out from your boyfriends spit, than I feel sorry for him. He's never going to get any action.