By Garageless - 14/10/2020 05:02

Ideal location

Today, I live near the bottom of a hill, where there's a curve and I'm seriously considering moving, because someone drove through my garage into the ravine. Insurance says they don't cover "Acts of God." FML
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By  coius  |  23

This is a catch-all they use when they don’t want to pay out. You need to file a complaint with the insurance commission and for the love of god, consult with a lawyer. This will get messy quick and you dont want to be caught off guard. Even if you dont hire a lawyer, at least seek a free consultation. Insurance companies try to screw people all the time with BS like this. I know 1st hand and it required a lawyer to twist their arm (and even a commission intervention didnt fix it)

By  Thaylok  |  6

Did God put the road there? It is not your insurance that should be paying and if the other guys insurance isn't performing, get a lawyer and file formal complaints.