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By Garageless - 14/10/2020 05:02

Today, I live near the bottom of a hill, where there's a curve and I'm seriously considering moving, because someone drove through my garage into the ravine. Insurance says they don't cover "Acts of God." FML
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umm...I would fight that insurance company

If you think about it... what isn’t an act of God? , isnt that his whole thing, responsible for everything happening, stupid insurance company!

Do you have an insurance ombudsman in your country? Also, there is

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This is a catch-all they use when they don’t want to pay out. You need to file a complaint with the insurance commission and for the love of god, consult with a lawyer. This will get messy quick and you dont want to be caught off guard. Even if you dont hire a lawyer, at least seek a free consultation. Insurance companies try to screw people all the time with BS like this. I know 1st hand and it required a lawyer to twist their arm (and even a commission intervention didnt fix it)

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Hire a lawyer by that logic everything that could be covered isn't.

Did God put the road there? It is not your insurance that should be paying and if the other guys insurance isn't performing, get a lawyer and file formal complaints.

That’s...not an act of god...also what ****** insurance do you have that wouldn’t cover storm damage or a tree falling? What the ****