By User06606 - 29/09/2009 11:31 - United States

Today, I went to eat with my girlfriend, her parents and my mother. My mother complained about every aspect of the service. When I told her she needed to assert herself, she took her pocketbook and hit me over the head. The whole restaurant stared at us while she yelled "Is that assertive enough?" FML
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Mom likes being the center of attention, does she?

At least now the whole family knows what you're escaping from, right?


first! your mom is crazier than my mom

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Look at the bright side, at least your boyfriend's getting some ass

Hes the guy retard

Then you showed her who was the boss, right?

At least now the whole family knows what you're escaping from, right?

right ... *grabs shotgun* lets do this ...

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Damn right. If my kid patronised me like that, I'd kick his spoilt brat arse. YDI. Your mum is cool.

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yes...because complaining and whining about every little thing is now considered "cool". I'd hate to be YOUR kid. *facepalm*

I am SO glad you're not my mother. OP, FYL~

you go #5! we need more moms like the OP. that mom is cool! lol ^_^

bitches I'm mother fucking first

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Bitches, you're motherf*cking sixth.(:

Your mother is a burden for the community.

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It's not that bad, it's not like you know everyone in the whole restaurant, but under normal pretenses still FYL.

She brought you into this world, sh can take you OUT!

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talk about epic fail dude never tell stuff like that to your mother because she could do that ! smart one