By getslostinherownhouse - 14/04/2009 19:12 - Spain

Today, I was walking down the street and I saw my brother on the other side of the road. He lives overseas and always told me he would visit when I least expected it. When I saw him, I got so excited I jumped on his back, screaming his name. It wasn't my brother. FML
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lol, its an honest mistake. you probably miss him so much you think everyone is him we've all done it anyway. lol


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there was smthn similar 2 this on GMH.. but her brother visited her while she was in class

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alright does anyone know what's happening to FML comments? i've seen about three sets of comments show up in the past 10 seconds for this one FML...

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Clearly she was dating her brother. Why else would she have tried to handcuff him to the bed?

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1. Why is #11 above #3? 2. You don't dump your brother, unless you're into incest and you were dating him. 3. Even if it said "boyfriend" instead of "brother", why would the OP dump him for this? Because the OP hugged the wrong guy by mistake, OP should break up with her boyfriend (Again, if the person in question was boyfriend instead of brother)? Where's the logic?

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damn.. ive done stuff like that b4 haha once i saw my friend laura down the hall at school and i was excited to see her casue i had something to tell her and i ran down the hall jumping and screaming LAURA LAURA LAURA LAURA LAURA!!!!!!! and i ran up to give her a hug and it wasnt laura. lol sooo embarassing i always tell ppl THANK YOU when they do that to me cause it makes me know im not the only one out there who does it. =p

Yeah, c'mon I through a pen at a guy two seats up from me in class a week ago thinking it was my buddy just being a loser, It wasn't.. So what.. shit happens. You're to egotistical and freak out because you had an embarrassing moment so what, its not like you pissed yourself, and even if you did welcome to earth.

yea i did like the same thing semi happened to me, i was talking about my thong bugging me , like it was descriptive and i turn beside me to see why my sister wasn't replying ... it was a random stranger ... ugh!

lol, its an honest mistake. you probably miss him so much you think everyone is him we've all done it anyway. lol

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wow sorry that sucks good to know im not the only one : )

Big deal, I threw a pen at a guy who I thought was my buddy, turns out it wasn't. Shit happens, but it seems that you're so egotistical that anything that makes you stand out or embarrasses you is terrible. Welcome to the world, people make mistakes all the time, whether it spill something on your crotch or actually piss yourself, no one is perfect. It's not like the guy knocked you out, I'm sure he understood.