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Today, my boyfriend made me sit in his kitchen while he Skyped his mother because he doesn't "feel ready" to tell her he has a girlfriend. He's 23, lives on a different continent and has been dating me for over 6 months. FML
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Hi, OP here - I'm super surprised this got posted! Just to clear some things up: my boyfriend is American and studying here in the UK. I have met his sister and we get along super well, but not anyone else in his family, nor do they know he's dating someone. From what I understand, his parents - especially his dad - aren't really big on relationships, especially when studying, as they can be seen as a distraction. I know for a fact that it was his mom as they usually do voice calls and I sit quietly, but she wanted a video chat so I shifted rooms on this occasion; there's definitely not another girl in the picture! I spoke to him about it after the call and explained that it upset me a little and made me feel like he had to hide me, and he was very apologetic and felt guilty - he told me this was his first serious relationship and he wasn't really sure what the right steps were in terms of parents or when they should happen which I actually found quite sweet. This is definitely not a deal breaker - he is so wonderful I wouldn't let something like this ruin our relationship! He just Skyped his mom again tonight and told her the news, so it's no longer an issue. He has met all my family and they adore him, so no issues there!

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And that's not a deal breaker for you why?

An option would be to walk up to the camera in your birthday suit and tell him you missed your period the last two months.


And that's not a deal breaker for you why?

yeah op, this guy is obviously a mommas boy. Things like this will be a challenge throughout your relationship. You should really look at that and see if that's something you're willing to put up with for the long haul, you're not going to able to change that in him.

Best bet is to walk by while they're skyping and say hi to her, and see what goes on from there.

An option would be to walk up to the camera in your birthday suit and tell him you missed your period the last two months.

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i mean the fact that he lives on another continent,a reason op mentioned, could make him culturaly different and also meeting someones parents is a big step in a relationship in a lot of peoples eyes.

Its been 6 months and it looks like they're living together what's not serious

Yeah but I think the gf is pissed due to him being a dick about it. If there was a cultural/religious reason you would think she would be more understanding or she would include it in the fml. Oh and 31 has an amusing idea (:

I actually posted a follow up later in the comments with some more details and the aftermath if you would like to take a look :) I know for a fact when I read an FML, some more details from the OP are always nice and tend to clarify the FML and the circumstances surrounding it.

Don't waste anymore more time with someone with a mindset like that. There's a guy out there who will treat you with so much more respect!

He may be protecting her from the monster-in-law...

just because he doesn't want her to meet his parents, doesn't mean he is horrible?

Don't judge the OPs bf so harshly, he is not being disrespectful. If anything he is just shy.

Imagine how surprised he'd be if you just called her and told her yourself... Hopefully he gets a bit more confidence in him in a while so this kinda thing doesn't recur

what is now my mother in law found out about my existence that way. I called my husband, and he was asleep so she answered. she was floored when I told her I was his girlfriend.

You should have just walked in and introduced yourself to her

Definitely the best idea. Walk in and say that you're his girlfriend. He needs to get over that irrational fear.

I don't get why he would hide it. There's a possibility he could have a girlfriend (or even wife!) back home.

In some cultures, you don't "date." There might be some intermingling that's supervised by chaperone, but loads of couples worldwide only meet when they get married. The other possibility is that OP is of a different race than the boyfriend and his mom, especially if she's white or black and he's from a more conservative Asian or African country.

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maybe he's a mommas boy and is afraid of what she'll say? maybe she tends to scare off his girlfriends?

I don't know why you're getting voted down, 8. That was my first thought too. He has a girlfriend back home with whom his mother is acquainted and doesn't want to get caught cheating or complicate things. It's a perfectly reasonable theory if you ask me.

When I started going out with my boyfriend.. I didn't tell my parents till after 2 years. I was pretty darn terrified of my father. Coming from an Asian family, he expected me to finish College then get a stable job THEN can I finally have a boyfriend. :X Hope your boyfriend has a good and understanding reason to not tell his mother.

I can understand that but if he is independent I can't see of any really good reason for him not to tell jer if he really likes the girl unless she is paying for his expenses which I am going to assume not even though I may be wrong. (sorry for the run on sentence)

Maybe he's scared to introduce you because his mom might have been a bitch in the past about his previous girlfriends, and he actually just wants to keep you.

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Precisely what I though, some parents can be very controlling :3