By shadowsorel - 30/08/2012 20:34 - United States - Chicago

Today, I have a cold, and was stuck sleeping in bed. My roommate decided to wake me up by sticking headphones in my ears and playing heavy metal on full volume. This is the third time this week. FML
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Briiyahh 7

I would've hit them I have low tolerance for bullshit you shouldn't tolerate that


Briiyahh 7

I would've hit them I have low tolerance for bullshit you shouldn't tolerate that

007type 26

Apparently, you have low tolerance for punctuation too.

natas_fml 13

1- Replace heavy metal with rap music and you'd be ok.

Can the mods nuke this^ racist prick before he speaks again?

Hitting your roommate might not be the best idea

It wouldn't make a difference if it was rap.

natas_fml 13

65- I was replying to #1 and no-one else as the reply button was intended for. Grow a brain.

natas: HAHAHA I get it itz cuz she's black rite? Lololol No. Shut up.

65 was replying to you, natas. Who else in this thread mentioned rap? Just you. Quit getting butthurt, bro.

Roll over on the headphones and break them

X_Codes 11

Hitting them is assault. Thankfully, so is piping painfully loud music directly into someone else's ear canal. You can cause some serious damage doing that.

Do what I did to my first room mates. They would blare music at 3 in the morning to piss me off. When he/she is not there, dunk the headphones in water for a little bit

I think there are some people who go through and click ydi on every one

I would have taken a frying pan and smacked him across the head

79 - My theory about those people is they think that OP didn't do enough to stop it and therefore deserved it/can't take a joke/did something to deserve it that they're not telling us about/or some other stupid thing. Not entirely positive; that's just my theory

The first time maybe could be forgiven, but the second time was wrong. Still, sounds like OP didn't do much, and now after the third time, OP decides to post this on fml. I wonder how many more times before OP actually does something.

Normally I might not mind, but if I'm sick that ************ would already be dead.

Nabee143 3

If my roommate did that to me, I would be extremely pissed off. Probably to the point of punching them in the face! I don't understand how some people are so freaking rude and annoying. You should kick them out! Maybe they'll find that funny! Definitely FYL OP....

How does that help, when most likely the OP will be the next one wearing the headphones? I wouldn't want to electrocute myself...

Who said anything about a boyfriend? All it says is roommate, which is most likely in a college dorm.

You must. Pretend like the shock of the music caused your muscles to spasm repeatedly in the form of punches and straight to their face

Seriously though right? Things like that don't happen when you carry yourself well. Quit being a pussy.

Boygenius50 8

You're right, I'm sure people are NEVER rude or mean to those who aren't *******. Never ever.

So, anybody who has anything remotely happening to them ranging from random assaults, to accidents and anything in between must mean they're a pussy, right? Your logic is amazing. You should become a philosopher.

They should do that and cut the room mate's earphones.

pattyshivlee 5

168 - My university forbid locks on the individual rooms (I'm assuming it's a college roommate, due to the time of year and sudden flood of roommate FMLs). The suites had locks, but not the rooms. I can't explain why.

@2 so hawt. I hope he got punched in the face. I would have thrown a lamp at him. Nobody better wake me up like that.

lol at your username, it doesn't really protect you from me thumbing you down though.

dominic1221 6

^ Oh shit, we've got a badass over here, a real thumbs maniac. Oh my god, you're totally off the rails, man.

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11's right. I thumbed you down just because you told me not to. Smash the system!

BeforeItWasCool 12
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11- doesn't protect you either

I think Justin bieber on full would create less eating damage then heavy metal. From a "preserving-my-hearing-standpoint" I would rather have JB on full. Less painful. OP you better straighten out your roommate. He keeps doing that and you'll go deaf.

I gotta say, if music is getting blasted then metal is a great way to go. The stuff is designed to be loud, so yeah, if you're not used to it (don't have hearing damage already...) it's a shock, but metal is an easier genre to listen to than pop at 100% volume. Of course, I'm biased...

I think justin bieber is the a far higher level... You wake up with justin in your ears, you yell WTF ! And then your ears melt before you die of a heart attack /

How do you edit (sorry for the random msg just before and now >

In reply to 199-201, FML only gives you like 200 seconds to edit your comment after you posted it.

The best song to wake up somebody would be Suicide Silence - Wake up

CallMeMcFeelii 13

218- That album was garbage. Any song off The Cleansing would be far more superior.

218- I listen to You Only Live Once by Suicide Silence when I wake up sometimes lol

No time to get even like the present. I'd wait til the roommate is gone, then go lay in their room & cough and sneeze for a good while. Once they catch it, payback time : )

The kitty picture goes great with this comment. Not being sarcastic. Kitty's are always doing evil and trying to take over the world!!

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^^ Yeah, It's also good for getting teenagers addicted to drugs. Not much else though.

Silent_Thrill 17

You can F.O.A.D and Burn in Hell for all I care! It's Sad But True that there are metal bashers like you. Tomorows Dream for me is to not have to smartasses. I shall fight Through Blood By Thunder to defend metal. May The Cowboys from Hell rise up and make sure you Rust in Peace. If you got all 7 of those metal references then I want to marry you... I don't care if you're a guy, I'll go gay for your awesomeness! I should probably comment about the FML post.... that sucks?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

38, I listen to heavy metal and I don't do drugs, alcohol, smoke, or any of that crap. Never have even tried it. Thanks for generalizing, though! :)

41-I don't necessarily hate all metal music (don't like it though), but I hate death metal with passion. I love 90's and 2000's alternative rock though.

To shut all of these biased idiots up, let me make a statement: Music is wonderful because there are genres that fit different people. One genre is not meant to be all things to all people. If you think a genre is bad just because you don't like it, then pull your pants up; your ignorance is showing.

87- as only your second comment ever here on FML, it was very enlightening. Please grace us with a third soon.

38- I listen to music that is considered metal by some people and not by some people. Like Slipknot, Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying and other shit. And I've never even thought about doing drugs. I've been offered beer, weed, cigars, cigarettes, you name it. I turn it down and refuse. Please don't stereotype people.

TheDrifter 23

I listen to country and I LOVE me some controlled substances. Wait, that's not what we're doing here? Dammit.

everyone has their own opinion...but this kind of music got me back on the right track in my life and now I'm in a band that's starting to become successful and going to college soon

I got the bands! :D and I don't smoke drink do drugs or anything and listen to metal. I grew up on it :)

I absolutely love heavy metal but hate most of the fans. The majority of them are narrow-minded elitist assholes who think that metal is the only good genre of music and everyone should like what they like.

jovizzle 8

129...And your profile is about Pokemon love?? What did you grow up on... 3 days grace? What an intelligent 1st comment 129

Lmao I love all of that. You are the shit!!!

67-got it in one. Hell I love all music. Every single kind there is out there just because you don't like the sound doesn't mean it doesnt mean something to someone so keep your opinions to yourself please. Music is about the lyrics and the beat combined not just one by their selves.

Dude... Comment, heard. At least you didn't say iv. Then I would've fed you orange toothpaste ice cream.

queentexan 8

I got all those references lmao ur awesome but I dnt know u so no marriage lmao JK nd yeah but ur so right **** all them ppl who hate metal they obviously dnt know what good music is. :D

184, would you please repeat that with correct grammar. My brain is having trouble processing the stupidity.

philbelfrage 13

More intelligent than your 10th comment, Jovizzle.

153- I could say something intelligent and sarcastic but your brain probably wouldn't process it so I'll keep it simple: You, sir, are retarded.

I like what I like doesn't mean you have to be an ass. I have an older brother that had me listen to a bunch of metal when I was a kid 153

To 38- so all the metal songs I listen to mean I want to do drugs? What about pop, rap, mainstream music, where they're clearly saying they want to get stoned, metal is not about drugs, nor violence, ok maybe some of it is, but a lot of what I listen to is about anti war, anti child abuse, love, it's a radical way to get the message across, but the messages are there, maybe you should try listening to bands like disturbed, tell me they're putting out bad messages and turning kids to drugs, then tell me that Chris brown, Rihanna, and people like them aren't giving bad messages, quit stereotyping, I've listened to metal since I was around 15 years old, I'm now 22 and still never done drugs

desireev 17

5- If that's the only thing it's good for, then you've never had really good sex! Hot sex and heavy metal go hand in hand! :)

007type 26
Briiyahh 7


Nobody was correcting the punctuation.

177- you mean spelling? spelling is pretty important, but i hate it when people bitch about small misspellings that are obviously just typoes, like what 48 did.

HaYes 177, in the world of grammar, punctuational have a large emphasis on how we understand a sentence.

Briiyahh 7

*Spelling but yea exactly like oh she missed and m no need to correct her she probably saw her mistake

Do the same to them at 3 in the morning

Your room mate sounds like a dick, revenge will be sweet I'm sure !

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007type 26

Those are very uncomfortable. feels like you are in space or underwater, without all the usual sounds.

tifani322 13

The roommate can take them out...

jenniiienyc 5

I guess I assumed OP isn't an extremely heavy sleeper. If someone was pulling earplugs out of my ears, I would certainly wake up.