By Anonymous - Canada - Victoria
  Today, my mom left for a bachelorette party. She forgot a gift, so she called me and made me go into her closet, pick out a sex toy from the "box of gag gifts", and bring it to her. Should I pick anal beads or a cock ring? FML
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By  grahmagog  |  14

One little bead, two little beads...and this make three, how many beads can she fit inside she, four little beads, five little beads and the last one is six, tonight im sure she'll get her fix, slide them in, big one first, go on your worst, and when she begins to scream and shout...grab the string and pull em out

  chatokun  |  10

46, sometimes people post these just to share a funny story, not for sympathy or to say they had a bad time.

Some post stuff obviously their fault because they felt their stupidity was funny enough to share... like the time I almost beheaded myself because I didn't listen to my father when he told me to pull my head in the sun roof before he pulled into the low ceiling garage.
He heard two thumps and found my sprawled on the floor. My fault? Certainly. Funny story? Yep.

  AngrySailor  |  17

^cool story.

I am well aware that fml is for entertainment, however my point to 21 was that the fml reads (to my English skills anyways) that these toys were not "new" or bought an saved to give as "gifts". Trollollo.

  coversquirrel  |  8

AngrySailor- you're being an arrogant ass. especially because you're wrong. the box WAS gag gifts. Just because there are quotations around "box of gag gifts" doesn't mean its implying that its not actually gag gifts. however if it said 'box of "gag" gifts' that would be different. but it doesn't so it isn't and therefore you are wrong. and then because you are wrong you resorted to insults which is very childish and last time i checked, children shouldn't be on this site

  AngrySailor  |  17

I'm not being ass. I don't think they are "gag gifts", that's all. I can take the heat. I'm no the one sending PM's....

....or making stupid faces o_O

Oh wait...

  thatkidhesh  |  11

just joined FML and want aware of the rules regarding replies. my apologies to everyone offended.

additionally FYL for being a douche and pointing this out to be so rudely.

  Since1998  |  20

well, I dont really think anyone would enjoy the thought of your mom playing with toys. not that its wrong that your mom had sex or enjoys the feeling (I mean, how else would we be here) but its still not a pleasant thought.

By  challan  |  19

I'd say the cock ring, since the anal beads are strictly for his pleasure. It is her party after all! On a serious note OP, live a little. I hope that someday you are as fun as your mom.

  challan  |  19

Chipmunk, not that women haven't used anal beads, but they are designed to be used on a man during his orgasm. you pull a bead out one at a time. makes his orgasm stop and start in spurts. when the bead presses against his prostate it stops it. gives a man a multiple orgasm in essence. Do your research.

  challan  |  19

I have never been buried so hard. lol damn! Is taking about anal play so taboo? btw... B1 likes it as well, and nobody thumbed her down or told her she shared tmi. Kiss my ass... you know I like it. haha!