By dany - 26/05/2012 19:34 - United States - Lancaster

Today, I discovered that when my professor had said "For every A there will be an F," he was deadly serious. I earned a 94% mark, which in this class is known as a D. FML
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hey, at least you have the brains :) A 94% is good, so be proud about that. have a nice day ^^


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Or, you could kill him. With fire. He's made you suffer, now it's time for you to do the same.

OP: *places bag on desk* muahaha! That'll show him! Professor: So I just realized I entered the wrong gra- OP: FML.

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It's not that complicated. It's graded on a curve, so if the average is 97 that will be a C. That means everyone in the course is a genius or the course is redic easy. When the proff said for every A there is an F he was saying it was on a curve. Your simply below average in the course. Either work harder in the easy course or don't take courses full of geniuses.

21- Really, now? You're actually going to COPY a previous teacher's FML posted here as a solution for this....? :/ (Can this be considered plagiarism...? :D!?!!?! Heh ehhhh...)

Also, to the OP.... I don't think that type of grading system is fair. :/ And I've never seen it done like that before... At least not in Canada. (Then again, I never really paid much attention to the methods my teachers have used for grading me...... Ah well. D: ...) Edit- darn it, this comment thread is gonna get buried. Sigh.

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54, I understand, FML references really aren't that clever.

Wow, thank you, DOUCHEBAGS, for thumbing me down. You really know how to support freedom of speech! :/... *cough* Also, stick it up your ass. Bye.

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54- You're absolutely right, I already called the mods, nobody is plagiarizing on my watch.

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The teacher is probably using a bell curve, it grades you on how good you do compared to the rest of the class

Good thing our teacher do not use that.. I would only get F's :P

Some classes have different grades. My sis just passed her nursing with a 80 And in another class a 90 is a B. It just depends on what you are takin.

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In my med school Chemistry the average I a 43% so a 55 is like an a+. It wasn't on a curve tho :(

In my grad school (and any courses required by your major when I was undergrad) any grade less than a B- was a failing grade and you had to retake the course (university policy). Every school and every professor is different.

So glad I don't live in the USA. In Denmark your grades only depend on yourself and not on others. And the grading system is the same no matter what kind of education or class you're taking!

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I thumbed you guys down for thumbing people down because of their pics.

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3- I thumbed you up because of your Big Bang Theory reference. :3

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Sheldon would never get anything less than 100% un(*******)acceptable. You should know that If you were going to reference him. Shame. Lol. Idk. I just like big bang theory so I thumbed you down. :3

hey, at least you have the brains :) A 94% is good, so be proud about that. have a nice day ^^

You look like Kurt (who is ******* awesome)! and I read your bio and laughed.

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38 - And you don't look anywhere near 16. FYL if you really are.

Can someone please explain the logic behind this?

The logic behind this is that op's teacher is a complete jackass

In University things are marked on a curve, so if the whole class fails but you pass, then since the majority did poorly everyone will do good except the people with high marks who are far off the class average.

^that is the stupidest grading system I have ever heard of. In fact I have never heard of it until now.... It is so confusing that it's making my brain hurt.

damn that sounds like a terrible grading system, i'll stick with my college's grading system

College professors can do anything they want as long as they cover what's required. So if you have a dick for a teacher, or one that doesn't like you they can screw you over big time.

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Its called a weeding class, the professor allows a very select few through the class on to higher classes

Some do it because they can't just give everyone A's. Like OP's class, it sounds like almost everyone got 100% or close.

52 - It's actually not that stupid. It motivates everyone to study even harder for they know that they can't just get 50 to pass. It works. Singapore is a prime example which uses the bell curve system.

My professors use this kind of gradin system. Although Your grades will not be affected if you did well. This is only meant to help not make you fail.

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94% is excellent. Fight the D. Doesn't sound like your professor is using any common sense.

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That makes no sense but if its true that professor needs to seriously adjust his grading scale, a D should look like a D aka 60-69%

Welcome to the curve! Sucks, doesn't it?

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It 's a good thing no one on FML was graded like this in math. Unless you were all in the same class...which no one here will understand.

I'm pretty sure she was being sarcastic, 87.