By Badkitty14 - 09/08/2012 20:16 - Canada - Mississauga

Today, in the middle of sex, my boyfriend asked me what he should get his mother for her birthday. FML
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ImWhiteBoy_WhoRU 10

He was thinking of his mother during sex... *shudder*

No time like the present to start thinking about it


KingOfAmazing 9

A grandchild would have been the perfect idea for a gift, especially at a time like that

JocelynKaulitz 28

Maybe he was trying to find ways to last longer.

And I was about to say "As long as it isn't grandchildren."

119- thats a nasty picture you just put in my head

No time like the present to start thinking about it

He obviously thought OP knew the perfect present to get his mother.

Braxton_84 3

Sounds like awesome sex if that's going through his mind..............

3 - not sure if that was a hidden pun, or a coincidence...

106-Maybe a little bit of both. I can't help it. It just cums to me. ^_^

ImWhiteBoy_WhoRU 10

He was thinking of his mother during sex... *shudder*

Psych101 9

Does this remind anyone else of the TV show Archer?

It reminds me of Howard from The Big Bang Theory

Psych101 9

43- You're right... Shit, OP did you check to see if his father is dead?

suxx4uu 0

Graffitied_Love, That's what I thought too!!!!

I agree with 4. When I was 210 pounds, my boyfriend at the time was really into me because I had the same characteristics of his mother. I soon found out I was almost as big as her too. It grossed me out. A lot of guys admit to going out with women who remind them of their mothers. Yet, a lot of women go after men who remind them of their fathers.

Maybe he hasn't been completely honest with what he's into..?

Prepare for a big storm of down-votes. Everyone seems to hate that line here.

I don't go for ups or downs, I post to piss people like you off....

Well you're obviously not posting to make an intelligent statement. I know you know that is an overused statement, so you're obviously trolling. Pathetic.

People may hate but thats funny as hell

32- I wasn't aware that hell was funny. I'm not going to even bother with your grammar mistakes.

I lol'd. is that trolling too? some of y'all are no fun at all.

klovemachine 24

21 - is it as pathetic as taking this site so seriously? Lol Don't hate be because you're an idiot

hatesfate: I come here to do two things: 1.) Crack jokes with the smarter commenters. 2.) To rip little ***** like you a new one. Unfortunately I do #2 more than one, because of the sheer abundance of fools like yourself, so I do come across as serious more often. If you'd like it otherwise, then keep the stupid shit to yourself and tell your troll buddies to follow suit. Then you might see a change.

If you think you're ripping me a new one you're taking this too seriously kiddo. ~_^

94 - You're not "tearing little ***** to shreds" We have moderators for that. You're just being a condescending prick who thinks he's better than most of the commenters here.

Haha :3 who is serious anymore d:? Not OP's relationship ;)

I would be worried if a guy thought about his mom during sex. Was the sex that bad? Or does the thought of his mother get him going? I hope it's the former and not the latter.

I would be worried if you were having sex in the first place... Yer still too young! -gets off of parenting role- But you're right I would be worried about him too...

I'm not any time soon. That's a VERY long way off. I don't have to worry about it. And nowhere did it say I was sexually active.

Thanks I'm glad we all know your sexual role for upcoming years now.

17 is the magic age. Makes me wonder when I look at the OP username.

38- So, 11 brought it up, but you're not giving them any flack? That's fair.

If life were fair there'd be no reason for FML

redneckguy429 1

he's trying to please both ladies in his life

ADD is fun isn't it OP? I think there's a song about something like that happening. Good song.

I'm hoping and praying you aren't referencing that song by Victoria Justice or whatever. She mentions something about being attention deficit...

10- I read your comment wrong. I'm sorry. D: Forgive me!

25- no It's by a guy but I can't remember it.

25- Would it be Sail, by AWOLNATION ? He blames everything on his A.D.D. Lol.

zombiebombatron 6

A new ******* son. *whappam!* hahaaa

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

What in the **** did I just read?

zombiebombatron 6

You read verbal abuse to the asshole boyfriend who was mentioned in this post. Haha, how does that not make sense? **** it I don't care lalalalaaaaa

ruabadfishtoo 0

How is he an asshole? That's a little harsh don't ya think?

Weird? Yes. Asshole? Maybe, but not because of this.