By DanniRae - United States
  Today, my mom was helping me clean out stuff from college. She opened a box and took out some anal beads I got as a gag gift. She asked, "What are these?" I answered, "They are for massaging your back". She then insisted I show her. I massaged my mother with anal beads. FML
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By  bomdia  |  0

that is hilarious. At least they were a gag gift and not used!
And at least your mom wasn't the type of person who knew what they were (not that there's anything wrong with that).


No it's not disrespectful, the mother asked! If you have a good bond with your mom nothing should be considered inappropriate or stupid (minus insest). If this happened to me with my mom we would have busted a gut laughing after I explained. #6 has the right idea.

By  Outkast  |  0

that was the most funniest thing i've ever heard that anyone used for an anl bead
to massage your back did she like it

i want to know

just hope she don't find out:D:D:D:D