By prettylady? - 28/10/2012 04:22 - United States

Today, I said "bless you" to a nice man who sneezed on the subway. That nice man has now followed me home and stood outside my apartment complex for two hours, claiming to be my "soulmate." FML
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Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take I'll be watching you


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The subway is always full of characters...

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OP why would you walk straight home if somebody was following you for that long? You should have crossed the street a couple times, turned down different blocks, then if he was still following your every move go to the police station.

Why would you reply to first if you aren't replying to their comment?

because he wanted his comment to be seen. it's been done on almost every FML.

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26, I also didn't see where the comment button was down below when I replied here. It took me forever just to figure out how to get my email confirmed on here to comment. Sorry if I did something wrong.

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Strange is the nice way of putting it!

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31, It's just most people get very angry about threadjacking

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39, Gotcha. I didn't realize that. I've seen so many times of people going either way off subject or not even relating to the topic I didn't realize it was that big of deal. I've only commented once before this thread and that was a reply to somebody's comment. ~Yes, there are many strange characters that rise the subways.

Sometimes I wish I could just sit in the subway and see these characters; but alas, there are no subways in Miami. You know, as long as these characters don't stalk me or the like.

The shit that you get for helping people... Smh

"Bless you" really brings people together

You could try acting crazier then him but if it where me I would let him meet my friend ak-47

I would let him meet my friend AK-47

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Overly attached 'nice' stranger.* I do agree though; perhaps inform someone of this creeper?

@42 Never repeat a joke to try and add something. You just end up ruining it.

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Perhaps the man who went to therapy for obsessing over all women who talk to him, a few FMLs down..

Introduce him to a 45 or 357, promise to send his soul to hell.

Better play it safe and call the police already. He obviously doesn't seem to be mentally stable considering he's spent his day stalking a polite stranger. FYL, OP.

Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take I'll be watching you

Your picture makes your comment 10x better.

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#4, it's funny that most other comments suggest calling The Police even though you and I both know they broke up in 1986. You could call Sting, but he changed his tune with "Set Them Free."

4, I sang that as I read it, I like that song

OP's little friend's got the song Die Trying, Art of Dying stuck in his head...

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I thought I felt a connection between us, OP... I'M STILL WAITING OUTSIDE.

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Why are your posts always double? Does anyone else get double posts from her?

I do as well, and they're always pointless comments.

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Her comments are so unbelievably dumb, they're posted twice so we can see clearly. Plus, she likes the yayo.

I guess now you've been 'blessed' with his presence :( Call the cops, let them deal with crazy

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You did say he was a 'nice' man, but maybe it's just creepy now...