By iGreen / Saturday 9 July 2011 14:34 / Canada
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Well you actually ave the upper hand. You can see in color, you have thumbs, and you will live 3-4x longer than the dog. if you really have that much of a problem then start cooking for yourself.

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71/74- Saturday School Lesson. The man is stating that his dogs teeth are white/shiny enough to put the sun to shame. The sun is very bright and shiny and that is where the comparison of the dogs teeth to the sun comes in.


actually with all the nasty shit in most mass produced dog foods they're just as bad for dogs as tv dinners are for us.

if the woman cooks a Sunday dinner for her dog often enough that her kids complain there's a good chance she makes homemade doggy biscuits as well...last I knew dog biscuits were crunchy

or the dog has plenty of crunchy/hard chew toys like bones, pigs ears, cow hooves or rawhide bones...bitches love rawhide bones

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  22

I think their issue was more FML content than anything else. What people write in the comments and such could often times be considered inappropriate for people under seventeen or so. I don't think they meant their comment to be a slight to younger people, just a concern.


121 - I'm taking this more like 36 thinks OP is under 17 years old, and therefore shouldn't use this website he thinks only after 17+ years of age are you deemed worth of being "mature".

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