By Beanzbeanz - 09/07/2011 15:19 - Canada

Today, is the 6 month anniversary of my boyfriend and I. Turns out next month he will be celebrating the 3 year anniversary of him and his wife. FML
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iluvfmls456 0

next year will be the one year anniversary of you killing him

It took six months to find out he was married? Come on now.


niceee. FYL

I say you charge in there, and demand some chocolate for your troubles, chocolate solves everything!

Lauren10102 3

Chocolate will solve nothing, but a pistol... that would help....

A7X_LoVeee 10

Help how? By sending her to jail?

Happy Anniversary!

Trupe 3

I say you go **** up this 3 year anniversary. It's the least you could do for his loving wife.

Sometimes you can get out of murder. Just look at that Casey Anthony pathetic bitch piece of shit.

Comment moderated? Are you kidding me... I said Casey Anthony was a bitch and I get moderated. Comon guys.


hear, hear #51

Happiness. It's only a teardrop away.

MC18 0

*6 month anniversary of cluelessness

Seriously just tell his wife and go hook up at a bar.

Thunderbender 2

What, were you not invited?

supermankisses 1

Look at it this way OP, you only wasted 6 months of your life, the wife wasted 3 years!

6th mensiversary.

6th mensiversary.

2ndSucks 15

Well said 104. But seriously op, how did you not figure this out after 6 months?

Today, is the day you slap him and break up with him.

Plan a threesome with the wife. Get a nice hotel and then get them nice and drunk. Tie up the dude and super glue his d*CK to his stomach.

Mensiversary would be the correct term... Latin for month is mensis.

I agree with 157, it wouldn't be an anniversary if only months have passed.

i've always heard monthsary.


^FUCK YEAH!!!!!?

do I know u?

Lauren10102 3



two words: man *****

funny, never heard that joke before....

Metal_Chick 15

45-two words: loosen up

86- two words: shut up

114 two words wtf?

124-thats three words

Metal_Chick 15

114- two words: make me

152 - 8 words: Stop trying to act tough over the Internet.

158- I know right? keyboard gangsters these days tsk tsk



Metal_Chick 15

158-Tough? LMFAO WTF? As far as i know i can type whatever the **** i want, so thumb me down! It's not like i know anyone here haha

Needless to say, go celebrate that you're single now since you dumped him, seriously, run away.

I agree with screwie. though I have to say that it is guys like that that make the rest of us look really good!!

FMMFL1992 3

You should just join them on their anniversary. Don't dump him

Yeah, some guys have common decency in them. Instead, this dude will soon have your weapon of choice in him.

two words: man *****.

I don't see the problem


They should all celebrate together!!! Sounds fun!

JuniorBSTN 3

Aha thats funny

I see a problem. OP has no idea what an anniversary is. Anniversaries are annual, not monthly. There are no such things as "3 month" and "6 month" anniversaries. "Annus" = year.

I see a different problem. OP has no idea what an Anniversary is. They are annual, not monthly. "Annus" = year.

lopez1222 3


hahahaaaaha "Annus"? Ya killin me here!!

allenye818 2

132 = anus

iridebmx 0


what a dog

totally. why are men such pigs?

born_hustla 26

ok, not all men...I'm not defending them, some men in fact are pigs and makes us, the few good ones, look bad.- its not fair to generalize...

All men aren't pigs. And from my experience, a man will only **** you over if you let him. If you want to meet a nice guy, dress differently, stop going to night clubs and stop being attracted to guys just because they're 'badass'. I say this as a rule, of course - I have no idea what you're like :)

allenye818 2

your screen name is "born hustla" & you're trying to advocate that not all men are dogs??

PurpleWaffles 2

this is why men are not to be trusted.

Not all guys are like that though.

Yeah, some girls are just as messed up.

Each gender has issues. women can be called lying backstabbing money grubbing.... men can be, cheating lying underhanded... every race and gender has bad apples. don't hate on one side cause of the bad ones you've come in contact with :(

Metal_Chick 15

8- I'm going to be honest here I know way more untrustworthy women than men. Everyone is different don't blame them all for one's mistakes, that's unfair.

sexist bastard


agreed. but women can be the same way.

and transgenders can be cheating pigs too. those filthy lying she-males.

iluvfmls456 0

next year will be the one year anniversary of you killing him

akmed89 2

or his wife

Michele2luv 8

or both

bobbymullet 11

awh. let's hope as soon as you found out you ended it/:

It took six months to find out he was married? Come on now.

can I join

u made me laugh so hard! This is a good one!


hahahaha....... same here

No... But your mom can.

Seriously how old are you; So immature.