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  awesomeooo3  |  0

I see a problem. OP has no idea what an anniversary is. Anniversaries are annual, not monthly. There are no such things as "3 month" and "6 month" anniversaries. "Annus" = year.

  VitaLp  |  14

All men aren't pigs. And from my experience, a man will only fuck you over if you let him. If you want to meet a nice guy, dress differently, stop going to night clubs and stop being attracted to guys just because they're 'badass'.
I say this as a rule, of course - I have no idea what you're like :)

  Jaxx66  |  21

Each gender has issues. women can be called lying backstabbing money grubbing.... men can be, cheating lying underhanded... every race and gender has bad apples. don't hate on one side cause of the bad ones you've come in contact with :(