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Aww.. That's too bad! Normally, Mommas cookin' is always the best!! :)

Make your own food then.


Cooking lessons?

If bird seed tasted better then her cooking, even lessons won't help.

than* OP- FYL, but how did you end up tasting the bird seed(s)?

#31: "Even bird seed tastes better than this cooking!" "Prove it."

I know exactly how you feel OP.

I like fish food...

For OP? I agree. Why don't you cook instead of insulting your momma?

Good answer ;)

Be grateful she even bothers to cook, IMO. Ungrateful westerners. #Firstworldproblems, lol.

Aww.. That's too bad! Normally, Mommas cookin' is always the best!! :)

It's just not true in this case. Poor thing. lol

I'm 16, and I'm the only one in my house that can cook. It's kinda pathetic really

Uh, I'm the cook in my family too. :p My mom's cooking is mediocre, but knowing she tries hard at it, I always complimented and thanked her for it growing up. It's the thought that counts right? Well, I hope OP wasn't too rude about making her bird seed point.

I'm in the same boat as Eggers, I cook dinner every night in my house for 6 people, 20 years old and I'm the youngest one.

Are you bird man?

Birdman, daddy I fly in any weather.

That's a great idea. I might just have to do that.

Make your own food then.

Yes, I do. How can you just assume I don't? You don't know me.

you go to my school I think lol

Buy an industrial sized bag of bird seed and tell her to try cooking that instead

Do you eat birdseed typically? Maybe you should make your own dang food!

OP might cook for himself/herself at other times, but sometimes it's just nice to have some of Mama's cooking. (In this case, not so much) lol

Well the stuff i but for my bird has mostly sunflower seeds soo

Maybe a cook book for her Birthday?

Don't encourage her

I think that may end with OP in the emergency room with a cook book stuck halfway up their ass

Don't hate, appreciate. But no really, you should appreciate that she even cooks for you. Besides, I'm sure not everything she cooks is that bad..