By that_culinary_degree_though - 13/05/2014 02:46 - United States - Auburn

Today, my mom invited me over yet again so I could practice my culinary degree by making an exquisite, gourmet meal for her dog; a three year old Pomeranian who pees in my shoes. FML
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Next time, make the dog part of the meal and call it a 'foreign delight'


time to spike the dindin with a laxative! ;)

That would just make the dog pee and poop on the shoes, win/lose.

yes, why don't we just kill the dog instead. he could just move the shoes to a higher place

Next time, make the dog part of the meal and call it a 'foreign delight'

"I made it for him, if only he were here to enjoy it.. Oh wait, he is~!"

Or go over and make the gourmet pet food and make the mother a gourmet meal... and switch them.

Hey maybe that can be your niche! Embrace it.

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I agree. Gourmet pet food is very trendy now and if you can do it well, you'll be able to make a killing. You've got your guinea pig right there to test on, so try some things out on it.

I hope your mother pays for the ingredients atleast.

She did, didnt she? Its not everyday you eat Pomeranian. Ask her to step out of the house while you cook so she can be suprised

Prove yourself, or drug the dog. There's two winning scenarios here.

After watching the movie "Prince of Tides" I found out that even dog food can be made gourmet! Be sure to save mom a plate!

Could you at least try to put some effort into--- oh, that's right. Homer said "trying is the first step towards failure" Well, you fail anyway.

"So I tried and I failed miserably. The moral of the story is, never try."

give the beast something that makes it fart (all day long) ;)