By JohnyP - 09/07/2011 07:04 - United States

Today, after having my car been broken into the day before because I didn't lock it, I made sure I locked my doors. When I got off shift and entered the parking lot, I noticed a brick had been thrown through my windshield and a note that said, "Nice Try". FML
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That's awesome, you got a free brick. Just kidding, that does suck op. I suggest you cut your losses and hide your kids, your wife and your husband


next time, park two blocks away, then hire a midget to hide in the glove compartment yo kill any robbers.

Why did you have your doors unlocked the first time?

well yes it was a nice try

Build a fake car that is actually a 25000lb bomb and explodes whenever someone comes within 100 feet of it. That'll show him and the surrounding 16 city blocks.

ahahah thats brutal but if you have insurance like your supposed to, then you will be fine

26- that's a great idea, if op parks the car then walks 8.25 miles to work.

Um. OP, it's called a Trunk Monkey. Get one. Saved my ass countless times.

what's a trunk monkey?

:O What's a Trunk Monkey? Good Lord, I'll lift the rock off of you! YouTube 'Trunk Monkey' stat!

lol wtf? that is hilarious.

He's my little friend. He has my back and I give him bananas.

although this is a bad thing to happen and has happened to me a few times. but i dont think leaving your doors unlocked can be classed as "breaking in" generaly it defines to "break" something to get in. eg window like the second time or a lock. but still thats bad luck Op. i agree with the guy uptop. wait in the bush with the magnum and see how he gos a third time.

better luck next time.

You copied that off of American dad.

Well, even if you failed, you get an E for effort Op.

as shit as that is, it's pretty funny

26- that would be called a nuke. But this is America we overdo shot so I'm with you.

that sounds like an awesome plan!!

No, a nuclear bomb includes splitting an atom and a hydrogen bomb(also called a nuke) involves the fission of atoms. None of which are used. This is simply a 25000 pound bomb.

89- don't look now but there's a bird in your MOUTH!!

Somebody is out to get you. I suggest surveillance.

Yeah maybe there's cameras in the parking lot!

OR drive in a decoy car and fill it with nuclear waste, so that when they break in, they get cancer and die >:D

41 - made me lol, love the idea!

or you could simply install bars on the windows

41 OP was forgetful enough to leave the door unlocked what makes you sure he will remember which car the waste was in.

Wait and watch for his ass to come back then shoot him in the leg and say "nice try"

at least you know its the same person

Throw a brick into their house and write "don't forget to lock your door"

That would work if he/she knew who the person was.

Assuming OP figures out who

that comment made no sense.

lol. it didn't make sense. :P

makes no sense at all, but it's funnier than the actual FML.

35, 45, 86: Guys, I don't know what you didn't understand, but 4/18's idea made perfect sense to me....

agreed. you guys must just be REALLY slow

at least you tried... FYL

u need to clean ur room. and I know someone already said it on another fml :D

quit harassing my bedroom! I do what I want

This comment made my day

f your car's life

That's awesome, you got a free brick. Just kidding, that does suck op. I suggest you cut your losses and hide your kids, your wife and your husband

his/her wife AND husband? is op married to 2 different people?

He could of taken the brick, just thought.

Love you 7! FYL OP!!!

thats not possible i still have my penis.howd he throw it threw a window?

they raping erebody up in here

16 You are so dumb, you are very dumb.

7 best comment i have read in a while XD

you can run and tell that.

Dude. U gotta be from pittsburgh

We gon find you we gon find you

46- the songs just a remix of what actually happened to someone.. he ended up becoming somewhat famous for it and was guest stared in Tosh.0 ect. People just decided to make a song out of it.. which then become even more famous... lol sorry for the history lesson, just thought you should know its not just a song...

Too bad, so sad, nice try tho!(:

Stupid lifeless person with nothing else better to do.

well naturally every criminal carries a notepad and pen for there many and various taunts