By JohnyP - United States
Today, after having my car been broken into the day before because I didn't lock it, I made sure I locked my doors. When I got off shift and entered the parking lot, I noticed a brick had been thrown through my windshield and a note that said, "Nice Try". FML
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  DriizztD  |  0

although this is a bad thing to happen and has happened to me a few times. but i dont think leaving your doors unlocked can be classed as "breaking in" generaly it defines to "break" something to get in. eg window like the second time or a lock. but still thats bad luck Op. i agree with the guy uptop. wait in the bush with the magnum and see how he gos a third time.

  OkayImSorry  |  0

No, a nuclear bomb includes splitting an atom and a hydrogen bomb(also called a nuke) involves the fission of atoms. None of which are used. This is simply a 25000 pound bomb.

  plum_lovin  |  28

46- the songs just a remix of what actually happened to someone.. he ended up becoming somewhat famous for it and was guest stared in Tosh.0 ect. People just decided to make a song out of it.. which then become even more famous... lol sorry for the history lesson, just thought you should know its not just a song...