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Today, I had to have a serious talk with my 30-year-old husband about why Sesame Street isn't a "soap opera." FML
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Hey don't knock it till you try it. Elmo is actually in a relationship with Ernie behind Bert's back. It's some pretty intense stuff.

YOU (cookie) MONSTER!


Hey don't knock it till you try it. Elmo is actually in a relationship with Ernie behind Bert's back. It's some pretty intense stuff.

Noooo!!!!! You'd better tell the New Yorker.

And then there is the Cookie Monster who deals with an addiction to Chips Ahoy

And snuffy, who's addicted to, well, you know...

Not to mention Oscar's serious anger management problem.

There is no telling what Grover uses to become "super"...

I still think of Cookie Monster trying to light cookie dough on a spoon "YOU GUYS ARE MONSTERS MAN!!!"

Still better than Jersey Shore

And Count Dracula has to do with his life is count.

39red bull duh everyone knows it gives you wings

Don't forget the whole big bird situation.

Elmo also had an affair with Abby Kadabby. Scandalous!

We're forgetting about Zoey. I don't trust her whole "ballerina" act...

Hey, that's my favorite soap!

well, it does have an addict, clingy friend, and relationships. and they all deal with problems all the time so it kinda is one!

This day and age that "serious talk" is not a civilized sit down but probably just you yelling at him then coming here telling us how it's a serious talk.

Dumb Americans!

YOU (cookie) MONSTER!

You see sesame street reference, I see portal reference....

Sesame Street is pretty dramatic... You don't even know OP, it's some pretty intense stuff. Have you heard about the Cookie Monster/Fairy scandal?

Has your husband ever seen a real soap opera before? I'm curious as to what he thinks one is.

What he thinks a real soap opera is is Sesame Street!

All three of your brain cells came together for that response didn't they?

It's always the same people that have to make a stupid sarcastic replies to a stupid comment. Just thumb the comment down and move on instead of being the 'superior' being you think you are by belittling people on the Internet. I do understand that sometimes it's fun to talk shit about someone's stupidity, but EVERY bad comment in the top ten has some stupid sarcastic reply. Sorry for the rant.

Does every sarcastic reply have a needless rant?

Yes! Yes it does...!

I dont know, those arguments between "friends" Bert and Ernie are pretty soapy and full of drama.

Oh dear lord, it's the end of the world..

Yes. The world is going to end because an individual thought a show for little kids is a soap opera. Makes sense.

Someone can't take a joke..

64, I like jokes.. Good jokes. Not all jokes HAVE to be liked. If I don't like a joke doesn't mean 'I can't take it', everyone has their own opinion.

I didn't tell you to like the joke. Calm down.

It was a joke...?

I never said that you had said that I had to like the joke, learn to comprehend before you comment. All I had said was not all jokes are funny and have to be liked, and just because someone doesn't like the 'joke' does not mean that they cannot take it. How does me saying that mean you're telling me to like it?


The cakes a lie

Umm, he's got some serious issues...