By miss tomato - 08/06/2012 16:36 - United States

Today, I was really badly sunburnt, so I put on some after-sun. The only type we have has glitter in it, and now I look like a sparkling tomato. FML
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Better than a sparkling vampire. Attack of the killer tomatoes was a much better movie anyway.

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Twilight meets Jersey Shore.


At least you don't look like a sparkling vampire

I remember when vampires were cool like in "blade"; now they may as well wear tutus and sing ABBA songs passionately :(

The musical equivalent of a hot dog, minus the mustard and plus a steaming turd.

In that case I'm glad I've never heard of it.

I bet you posted this on Facebook, too.

This is what happens when the Cullens go on vacation in Hawaii

Shut up guys, I happen to enjoy ABBA. Money money money

Lol. Big mistake forgetting sunscreen.

I understand not liking ABBA, but how the **** can you not know them? Mamma Mia? Dancing Queen? Seriously, how have those songs not reached your ears at least once?

I don't listen to the radio so maybe that's it.

I like your dog... I pictured the dog saying your comment.

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Yeah, you should be! How dare you turn op into a sparkling tomato... You monster!

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I heard milk helps...bathing in milk maybe?

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Its ok I guess, but don't do it again ok?

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72 - Goat's Milk is excellent for sunburn fading. Black tea is great too. As well as hot compresses, plain yogurt, and aloe. The After-Sun is usually just for moisturising purposes, so use the actual aloe vera. The best thing for a sun burn is hydration, cold compresses, and tons of sleep. Please use sunscreen/sunblock in the future!! Your skin will thank you.

Comet_Candy 23

Ugh I mean cold compresses...

Better than a sparkling vampire. Attack of the killer tomatoes was a much better movie anyway.

When those big breasted tomatoes go to the beach... They take their tops off!

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Maybe the sparkles will distract people from the redness :]

perdix 29

Keep your pants on you two. I don't need to see that.

Sorry. I got lucky on the time I clicked on the site.

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Don't worry about it, rubberduckie, great minds think alike, . . ., and so do the demented ones ;)

Not bitching, but I love how people like Perdix so much they thumb him up when his comment doesn't make shit sense.

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I wish those people were around when my comment got buried and I got a death threat.

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well perdix does make sense, so your comment is irrelevant here.

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Twilight meets Jersey Shore.

Oh dear, don't give them ideas!!! Please, I can't take it anymore.

I was thinking if Sean White and Edward Cullen had a baby it would be OP

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This would have been way funnier if there had been a reference to twilight...

I for one am incredibly grateful that there was no reference to Twilight. There are way too many FMLs that do.

You must look like what a fairy would eat.

That might explain why the Fairys in Twilight sparkle v.v much like how Flamingos are pink, orange, or white because of what they eat.

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Yep, I believe it's by banana boat. I have it and will never use it again because the glitter doesn't come off no matter how much you scrub in the shower. It's like it soaks into your skin with the lotion

83, that just makes me want it more...

It's better to be a sparkly tomato than have to deal with peeling skin.

But if your skin peels, you get to peel of the flakes and eat them...