By Unfortunately Me - 09/01/2014 00:54 - United States - San Jose

Today, I was asked to go to a ball by the guy I like. The theme is masquerade. He made me a Robin mask; he's wearing a Batman mask. FML
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I don't know why your complaining, I marvel at your costume.

josebaseball11 14

Don't complain, he could have made you wear a Bane mask.


I don't know why your complaining, I marvel at your costume.

Marvel probably wasn't the best word to use.

#2, does "I DC at your costume" work better?

Yea, don't complain op. If you really liked this guy you probably would have known more about him. But I'm guessing you just like him based on looks now.

DKjazz 20

She only complaining because she wanted to be Batman, but got stuck with Robin.

Sounds like he's Robin you of your chance to be Batman.

girls all like good looking guys ,damn

hey I think #1 made a good DCision to go with Marvel :D

josebaseball11 14

Don't complain, he could have made you wear a Bane mask.

iLike2Teabag 27
OscarDV 8

If she's complaining about something like that, she doesn't deserve that awesome dude at all.

So you're going as Stephanie Brown? He better be Grayson-Batman then. Better chemistry.

Except Stephanie/Spoiler/Robin was involved with Tim/Robin/Red Robin

Yeah, but Dick Grayson is like a little black dress, he goes well paired with anything. And if your choices were Bruce or Dick for the Batman to attend a gathering with... I mean, if you can't get him as Nightwing.

SadisticStephyy 21

Yeah but you're forgetting the part where while Grayson is loveable, he makes bad puns and dresses like an 80's throw back ^__^

And then marvel him. Get a stunning gown in Robin's colors and do a fantastic hair and make-up combo to go with the mask. And enjoy yourself no matter what!

Evil_Wench 16

Maybe I'm a nerd, but I fail to see the FML here.

thejimler 9

Probably because it'd be more appropriate to be Talia Al' Ghul, the closest thing Batman has to a domestic partner,

I know right cause i would love that lol

AnthonyWheeler15 24

In a way it's cute, but still, not the usual case. Enjoy it though!

I would LOVE that. Personally I'd prefer Ivy/Batman though, because she's my favourite villain of all time. Still, sounds like a pretty awesome guy.

... I feel bad knowing how many users will have no idea there is a female Robin. Damnit DC why do you ruin everything?

reymon8823 24

LOL my brother is a huge bat man freak and i kinda am too lol but i knew

I would have gone for joker and harley quinn costumes if I were him but that's just me.

.... Textbook abusive relationship? It's one thing to like it as a guilty pleasure but as a costume... Nah, do Spoiler and Red Robin or try out some classic 80's Dick and Kory or there's always... I'll stop right now before I get carried away.

You do have a point. I guess I've always thought that they were incredibly interesting characters even though they're relationship is messed up.

my sister and her bf did that. old school, she even made the giant hammer

Dawnstempest 17

@ 43 I bet she made a smashing impression.


At least you didn't have to go as Alfred...