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Today, I asked my boss for a few days off next week, because my grandmother passed away yesterday and I'll need to travel to attend the funeral. His response: "She's dead, you're not. You want time off, then quit." FML
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Sorry for your loss, OP. And an insensitive boss like that is a horrible one. I wish you and your family the best.

what an asshole.


Sorry for your loss, OP. And an insensitive boss like that is a horrible one. I wish you and your family the best.

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He's just a shitty boss.

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Maybe there's no "almost" about it...

I am fairly certain you get time off for the family medical leave act. . . not sure if grandparents are covered but its worth looking into.

OP should "get sick" so he does not have to go to work.

#101, my great grandma was covered under funeral leave, which you are legally obligated to.

When I got sick we looked at FMLA and I am pretty sure it was only for caregiving, so death doesn't count. Companies do usually offer bereavement leave but I have had different standards at different companies. I had one company that offered it for immediate family only. And another one that let me have a few days off because my father's best friend died. I didn't ask for time off because there were no services to go to as was his wish, but I grew up with him being like an uncle or even second father to me. My boss knew I wasn't taking it well, gave me 3 days paid off and had me telecommute for a few more. A good boss would see op's pain a and react accordingly.

This was in the US, meaning that some states are fire at will, such as Texas(represent! lol), employers can fire you with no reason and are not obligated to give one.

#35, I think you mean SOCIOPATH?

168, actually there are people who are psychopaths (they're born 'crazy'), sociopaths (they become that way) and then there are people who have a lot of the characteristics but not enough to call them psychopaths, hence my term of "almost psychopaths"

what an asshole.

sounds like a non union job no rights for the worker

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Most jobs offer at least one day for grandparents and a lot of bosses, obviously not all, are understanding and will give you one or two more if need be.

Where do you work? I work union and grandparents are considered immediate family.

lol unions suck.

I work for the worst company in the world and they give you bereavement pay and time off for grandparents and they're non-union.

But you still ussualy get a day for extended family

good. unions are nothing but scams. i worked at a grocery store where they tricked you into joining and you couldn't get out as long as you worked there. and the union at another grocery chain (you may have heard this story) had members take a position at the store mix rancid meat in with fresh meat before selling it. they taped it on their phones and claimed it was procedure. many people took ill before the non-union employees spoke up and told management what was going on. the chain no longer has a union and the stores are dojng much better. it actually happened at the one near me. the employees are much happier there now.

You can't blame unions for some crap that some shitty grocery store employees did. My husband is employed by an electrical workers union and they have been nothing short of amazing for us and our family. A great community and group of people and our family will always be taken care of. Not all unions are the same... There are plenty of good ones and bad ones, just like how there are lots of good people and bad people (like OP's boss)

#58; I don't think it's a matter of unions being scams, it's just that unions range from great to shit. My uncle's union is fantastic, and they genuinely have the employees best interests in mind. On the other hand, my husband's union is crap, just churning people out and treat them as though people are disposable. It just depends.

I've only worked non Union jobs and never had to deal with a boss like this. Unions have killed this country. Why do you think the VW plant said no? Unions did what they needed to do and now they need to go. They are more greedy than the coprs they are protecting against.

Actually not all unions are bad. I am protected by a transit union and we just negotiated a new contract with our company. We ended up with an extra two holidays a year, 8 raises (in addition to the raises we were already guaranteed) over the course of 3 years, medical after retirement and a reduction in the amount of years we have to work before we get our full pension. Don't judge a book by its cover.

The majority of American jobs (particularly if OP is in the south, in a "right to work for less" state) are non-union.

Nurses union in my state went on strike about 5 years ago saying they weren't having enough nurses on duty to provide quality service to the patients. The strike ended and the terms they agreed to was higher pay. Seemed to have forgotten that the reason for the strike was to have enough people working to help the patients...

That's rather exactly the problem with unions: you've just increased costs for your employer, and such negotiations are usually from an already-acceptable level. Those kind of "benefits" are what's killing the US automotive industry.

Report the shithead.

To whom? Shithead police?

No, to the superiors within the company.

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Pretty sure employers are supposed to allow leave for deaths within the family.

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A death in the family is.

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You see, most people like to live by their own, personal definitions, so what an emergency is to them is also what an emergency should be to everyone else, in their mind at least. A funeral, by official policy, is not classified as an emergency, although most people will be human enough to let you go.

#40,#50- do you work with OP? How do you know what's considered emergency/ what's in the handbook?

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If anyone feels like they must research this, I oblige you to do so. There are 0 laws requiring your employer to give you sympathy leave when a *grandparent* dies, because a grandparent is not a dependent. I don't apologize for being correct.

Correct or not you don't have to be rude about it. Being correct makes people's heads too big that they call people "cunty"

#89 by your logic everyone should run around telling lies and incorrect info just in case they are, by your definition, rude.. or god forbid in case they tell someone something they're not willing to accept.

There may not be any "laws" about leave for family matters. But there could be company policies that ops boss could be ignoring. No one would know that but op though so get your head out of your ass and think about that before you all rip each other a new one.

@89- My first response was completely acceptable, and respectable. You became "cunty" after you refused to listen to myself and another man that clearly knew what he was talking about. Then again, you probably didn't even see it because it was the truth, and the truth is nothing but the enemy, apparently. Have a good day. lol.

How on earth can you say that? You don't even know the name of the company... Let alone it's policies... For all you know this guy doesn't run his store the way he is supposed to.

go to the doctors. They will give a medical excuse for emotional trauma. Normally a week. And work force MUST respect a medical excuse. Problem Solved.

Sorry for your loss, your boss is a dick!

Sorry for your loss! But that is a RUDE ASS Hearltess mathafacka!

How'd you get tricked into working for this asshole in the first place?

People will work the shittiest of jobs just to get by.

True. Especially in this economy.

Sorry! Hopefully there is a way you can stick it to your boss for being such a douchebag.

Sprry to hear OP. Just know that we care about you and your family :)

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"I pray your brakes go out running down a hill, I pray a flower pot falls from a windowsill and knccks you in the head like I'd like to..."

I was thinking of the exact same song.. whenever someone tells me to pray for someone I dont like I start singing that in my head.