By C BOMB - 14/09/2015 23:58 - Australia - Toowong

Today, I was getting coffee when I pulled my lip balm from my pocket and started playing with it in my hands, tapping it on my face and lip. There were there two gorgeous guys in front of me who kept turning around and staring at me. I was actually holding a tampon. FML
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Why would you tap anything in your face, even if it was a lip balm?

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castleofg1ass 19

"Try the new Tampax Pearl: Finger Lickin' Good!"

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Wish I could like this more than once haha

Why would you tap anything in your face, even if it was a lip balm?

right and was it in a package ? ... how big is this chapstick that op couldnt tell the difference?

Not all tampons come with applicators so without an applicator it's almost exactly the size of a Chapstick

Well... That's awkward. You must have been really distracted by them, eh, op? ;) I hope it was worth the view at least!

I'm a guy, but I am having a very hard time understanding how you could confuse those two things. First, why would you not keep the tampon wrapped until you needed it? Second, isn't lip balm a good bit smaller?

soveryunoriginal 23

Tampons come in many different sizes, as do lip balms.

But tampons do come wrapped. Op should've known the difference.

kudwafuuu 15

well, as mentioned already you can get tampons in various sizes/lengths.. not to mention not all tampons have the paper or weird plastic material wrapping, some are wrapped very tightly in a plastic sheathe that I guess can get confused for a plastic tube containing lip balm if you weren't paying attention

It was probably the Australian tampon, which is like a cotton bullet and doesn't come with an applicator, which would come with noisy packaging. The surface of the tampon is covered in plastic film and it's pretty hard to the touch...and it's about two inches in size. So yeah I'm guessing it's this type. Tapping against the face is an odd habit though.

Well hey, at least you got them to stare OP! Just not in a very good way...

How do you mix up a tampon for a lipbalm? They feel very different.

and how do you know the difference between a lipbalm and a tampon ? haha

They sell tampons without the applicator & they're wrapped in a tight plastic package.

#18 I'd say one is softer to touch than the other, even when the tampon is wrapped in plastic.

Lip balms and rogue tampons are similar shape and size, especially when you're blindly hunting in your cavernous handbag. I hear ya OP!

But she wasn't even blindly hunting in her bag. She pulled it from her pocket. Making it even more of a YDI.

Isn't one made of a soft, absorbent material and the other has a hard plastic cover? How did you get that wrong?