By C BOMB - / Monday 14 September 2015 23:58 / Australia - Toowong
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By  WitEluded  |  13

I'm a guy, but I am having a very hard time understanding how you could confuse those two things. First, why would you not keep the tampon wrapped until you needed it? Second, isn't lip balm a good bit smaller?

  kudwafuuu  |  15

well, as mentioned already you can get tampons in various sizes/lengths.. not to mention not all tampons have the paper or weird plastic material wrapping, some are wrapped very tightly in a plastic sheathe that I guess can get confused for a plastic tube containing lip balm if you weren't paying attention

  mads_fml  |  7

It was probably the Australian tampon, which is like a cotton bullet and doesn't come with an applicator, which would come with noisy packaging. The surface of the tampon is covered in plastic film and it's pretty hard to the touch...and it's about two inches in size. So yeah I'm guessing it's this type. Tapping against the face is an odd habit though.

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