By BornToBeABurden - / Thursday 9 January 2014 16:01 / United Kingdom - London
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  TheWildRover1  |  12

Or, hold it this is big one! or... maybe... The mother has a sense of humour and was joking? I know that that's a difficult one to accept but just think about it for a second!

  DanielleinDC  |  31

Societal pressure, duh. Or people have kids for all the wrong reasons and only when it's too late realize they aren't cut out to be a parent. I'm glad I realized that early on and never spawned.

  AmexBlack  |  24

I reckon some people become parents, not realising entirely how much of a huge commitment being a parent is - physically, emotionally and financially... and then they become kind of resentful towards their children.

I'm not excusing OPs mum for what she said, just trying to shed light on it.

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