By pinkblankets - United States
Today, I woke up with really dry, chapped lips. Still in bed, without my glasses on, I sleepily reached down into my purse for some chapstick and applied it. Upon awakening later I realized I had mistaken a mini Sharpie permanent marker for chapstick. I have a job interview today. FML
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By  sadlozer  |  0

At least you didn't show up for the interview with dry, chapped lips. I mean that REALLY woulda killed your chances.

Plus if its a black marker you can be a goth for a day. Fun times.

By  Atropos_fml  |  0

I'm trying to figure out how you mistook a Sharpie for chapstick.
There would be fumes, it's shaped differently, it wouldn't feel the same while applying it. Even if you just woke up, I still think you'd be able to tell the difference.