By MegahnDN - 11/06/2010 14:33 - United States

Today, my kitten decided that having diarrhea was not a good enough reason to stop running in circles around my living room. FML
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Devanthegreat 0

haha kitty poo for you

lmao kittens are awesome


Devanthegreat 0

haha kitty poo for you

kitty poop makes me sick D:

that's when you take him out for chinese food to celebrate!

lol that's horrible OP..


Ah I miss my kittens but I am so glad the diarrhia is over with lol

fylhahahaha 0

your fault for not being careful about what you feed it.

ThatCrazyMike 0

thats why i say fuk cats dogs rule! cat probably did it on purpose!!!

Eat da poo poo! Eat it!

MrCalves 1

that's why you should get a dog

I have a one word solution to your problem, euthanasia.


It may not be the food, if it's a brand new kitten, then they tend to when they are spayed, not sure if it's the same for nuetered cats though.

MissRachieee 3

I hate to be the one cleaning that up...

youlikefishstix 0

lmao I can see the cat running around acting retarded and crapping everywhere!

fylhahahaha 0

oh I see. well then the op is still dumb for buying a kitten and not knowin these kind of things. shoulda done the research op.

You could have kicked the kitteh as it ran past you lol but then you would have to clean poo and blood but that is one less cat in the world! 

I never had such problems with any of my kittens D:

JaZzie_dUh 9

#11 WIN Sorry i'm not much of a cat lover =)

autumn16 0

eww that's gross.. sucks for youuuuu..  butttttt I'm still a cat person. I really don't like dogs at all. only when they are first born (:

autumn16 0

50 Is really cute (: juss sayin

trumpetGIRL12345 0

19 who is that in your pic i hate anti-flood I hate anti-flood

Notjustanother1 0

ydi for having the cat inside while it is sick

killtin0369 0


tjrocks1294 0

mahmm kittehs bein a dildo!

hahahaha that's hilarious! have fun cleaning that!

just make it go outside...

53 is cute! jsut sayinnnn

#86 your sexy as fuck!!!! lol

^^^^ Concetion >.>

It was a joke, just because I was reading earlier post, and everyone was saying # bla your sexy or # this your beautiful, so I wanted to join in. lol

one of my buddies is obsessed with story of the yearrr

pingpongpickle 8

that's pretty gross

dangggg! 50 is hot! ;)

raymel 5

hahaha awww that's cute 

I miss my diarrhea :(

kennyFTW3fiddy 0

oh 

akkimber 0

dude that's wrong. I like dogs better but wth that was cruel!

#50 is fkn hot and sexy

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I had no idea that pussies could poop :0

this group of comments seemed to be packed with beautiful big breasted women... now all we need are some, BIG BOOTY BITCHES BIG BIG BOOTY BITCHES HEY

oogyboogy 6

lmao I've seen that video

36 is one ugly son of bitch

36 is one ugly son of bitch

mabye it was trying to spell somthing... like "HELP"

Fun Gay Fact: Did you know? 45% of cats are lactose intollerant. (IDK how to spell that...)

cearalaken 0

dogs do rule! cats shit all over living rooms:P

heyy heatherxcore

Asdict? Can't blame auto correct for that one........ I'm not even gonna say how that sounds wrong...

rachiee hawtyy

36 is one ugly son of bitch

terror_twins 0

I think we should just kill #37 for being annoying. See how that goes. I mean if they think it's okay to kill an animal for a natural bodily function, they should be able to be treated the same way. You buy a pet, you need to be able to accept responsibility that is required to take care of it. You don't just kill it.

lmao kittens are awesome

sorry OP! but I lovee kitties! there adorable! :)

PenelopeClearwat 0

that sucks

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

63 is a dumb blonde.

63 don't take 72's bait. Don't do iiiit

pingpongpickle 8

hey don't even go there.blondes are not dumb

ScoobaSteveDrown 0

I'd fuck the shit outta fifty one

I am not a dumb blonde! I am no where close! So stfu! :)

Yeah I hate those jokes. Heck I'm top of my class and blonde. Hair means nothing.

Look it up #63..... The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.........Another Fun Gay Fact: He was suicidal!!!

pingpongpickle ur hawwwt. sorry every1 else is doin it haha but it's true :)

Lol kittens are soooooooo cute!!!

the_sodomizer 0

sucks for you

cats are the best

I hate house cats, now lions on the other hand...

oogyboogy 6

55 looks like a crack asdict

nothing stops the cats, they are master and commander lol

aww how cutee.

lol not really......

minus the poopy part I found it pretty adorable as well.

greggiee 0

Eww, fyl OP.


yes ewhhhie that kitty kat must have made a mess(x

UnprecendentedAw 0

I bet you wish you'd have gotten a dog now, huh?

YDI take the damn thing outside or put it in a box.

PhishloverA 14

Cat's don't go to the bathroom outside. By box I hope you mean litterbox

aww poor thing xD

more like poor living room! poop everywhere :(

lovinit5683 0

It wouldve been funny if it wouldve jumped on you, and show it's true feelings to you XD

that doesn't make any sense.