By jaqen h'garrrhghhgfgjhfuck - 09/06/2014 21:45 - France - Toulon

Today, I was spinning some yarn around to make my new cat run in circles. After about 10 seconds, he stopped going in circles and went straight ahead, happily running several feet into the wall and knocking himself out. My bowel movements have more brain-power than this thing. FML
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Well, much like your bowels, maybe he had a brain fart.


Me-ow indeed. Poor kitten. To actually make a kitten so dizzy that it knocks itself out. Not cool.

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meganlovestea 15

27- I feel bad for the poor cat! If it knocked itself out OP should take it to the vet

we're missing the real story here! OP's shits are so smart that they can follow a piece of spinning yarn! I'm impressed.

27, I wouldn't worry about it, it has 8 more lives to go through.

OP, you're a dumbass. I'd like to see your equilibrium get screwed up and watch you make a fool of yourself. What happened is a completely logical set of events, not your cat being stupid.

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aruam365 24

It obviously has nothing to do with the intelligence of the cat. If you were spun in circles and then tried to walk, there's a good chance you'd walk into a wall too. Does that make you stupid?

incoherentrmblr 21

Unless you're in an open field... However, not cool OP. You are what the French call, "Les Incompetent..."

yeah look what ya did ya little jerk

31, I wouldn't run into a wall because I would know not to spin in circles that much. I think most people learn from childhood that spinning in circles usually results in dizziness and then injury.

#66 - good for you, but the point is that if you WERE being spun around you would get dizzy too. in the cats defence it wanted the string, it is its natural instinct to chase it relentlessly wherever the owner moves it, like it would have to for a mouse. the owner made the cat dizzy, not the cats fault...

75, I'm not saying it's the cats fault, it's just a baby. I'm just saying that the previous commenter cannot really relate this to me, and I'm sure many others. I also think we should give OP a break seeing as he was just playing with the cat and obviously didn't intend to hurt it.

Well, much like your bowels, maybe he had a brain fart.

Sorry to say this but I think OP had the brain fart. Poor cat. Hope you took the cat to a vet to see if it was ok, once it had gained consciousness OP.

well you have it running in circles and its a kitten so id sat YDI what did you expect when the kitten is going in circles

rylaii 26

I miss grammar and spelling.

I miss enormous ice creams for $1 and aniseed wheels.

*googles aniseed wheels*

Cats need excersise idiot and besides, who would expect the cat to just walk run straight into a wall and not even try to stop.

i feel you. my cat rams his head into my bedroom door until i open it for him... im convinced he would go into a coma if i never opened it.

At least he's not a quitter

My God. What the hell??? There's something seriously wrong with that cat. I mean, what drives a cat to bash his repeatedly? There's got to be other ways.

my thinking is that he sees our other cat open doors by using his head, but

whops! i meant to say: but he goes about it all wrong. my cat is a little dummy, but i love him :3

Pretty sure he was dizzy...u had him running in circles..

Exactly! I don't get how this is even remotely an FML situation...

He's a baby! You need to teach him. I'm sure he'll give you more FML moments in the future.

Teach a kitten to not get dizzy and run into walls after running in circles trying to get some item being dangled around them? Do they teach that?

Um, no. But we both know that's not what I mean....

cats are always funny. they're funny when they play, but they are also funny when they do stupid things. that's why I love cats.

man your cats a "knock out"