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Today, I found out that even after a really bad break up and the fact that I left him for someone else, my parents offered my ex-boyfriend to join us on a one week family vacation. He agreed. FML
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it's annoying that people think the OP is a tramp just because she left her ex for another guy. people change. people grow up. people meet other people. maybe she found someone she had a better connection with. there's no sense in staying with someone just for the sake of staying with them; if you suspect you'll be happier with someone else, go for it. don't cheat on your SO, but also don't cheat yourself.

have any of you thought that maybe it's neither of their faults? sometimes relationships just don't work. and just because she left him for someone else does NOT mean she cheated on him. she could have just fallen in love with someone else. things happen and she probably feels bad enough about it. what is it any of your businesses about it? i'm sure all of you have done things in your life that you feel bad about and things that may have hurt someone else. nobody's perfect.


Your family must not know.. If they do then they wished you stayed with him.

I fail to see the problem here, if you don't want to see him just don't go. maybe your family likes him more than they likenyou lol

*flyers and I'm gonna wait for pronger to beat the sh*t out of burish

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:O I'd beg my parents to not let me go.

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I bet you he ends up smashin the grape jelly outta op

yeah, I'd probably not go, that'd be way more than ackward. especially since you left him, he'll probably be weird.

im guessing you cheated on him anyway so... FHL

yeah it'd be more than ackward! because it'd be awkward! Zing muthafucka!

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he should bring his girlfriend. and maybe he's friends with ur parents

"...I left him for someone else,..." That shows that either you cheated on him or you thought "This other guy is cute, now I suddenly don't like my loyal, sweet, caring boyfriend!" I hate people like you, OP. You think you can date someone to fill that empty void you call your life then you throw them away after using them. The only reason you're complaining is because your greedyness backfired. Fuck you, OP, you deserve no sympathy and I hope your ex-boyfriend enjoys your vacation.

39- you're awesome!! i think OP's ex agreed to go to spite her, great way for revenge...

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Lol I was so damn happy to see Chicago beat the flyers, after they kicked Montreal's ass, and I've always hated the flyers anyway. FAFP!!!! >:o


Nice 39!! Awesome comment!**

39, wtf is wrong with you?! Yeah I hate it when people jump from a break-up to someone new, but did you even consider that he might have cheated on HER, so she had a good reason to get away from him, or had been abusive, or in some way completely disrespectful and, quite frankly, a douche? No, you didn't. There is not enough context to just make these YDI claims, so screw you.

why do you assume that the op was the bad one in relationship? seriously 39 get some brain. how do you know that the ex is not some crazy stalker or that he was accualy not nice to her and acted like a tramp. if you would accually read op said that the break up was bad so maybe ex is not so loving. in addition how do u know that the op was like chris brown and she left him for someone who values her more. anyway op has the right to decide with who she wants to be with. and if the ex should recognize that if she left him that means that he does not have a chance. fyl op. btw 39 I take pity upon your stupidy.

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#50 then y does her parents like him?? u need to take ur ****** emotions out of the question

*why *DO her parents like him. dumbass. and how would they know exactly what happened? say she got cheated on; what, she should run crying and screaming to her parents? "mummyyyyy he put his penis in another woman's ******, waaaa"? : oh, wait, is this what you do? run crying to your parents? you know, some people keep relationship trouble between the two people IN IT, not share it with the whole world. take your small dick outta this thread, you ignorant dipshit.

thanks 55, if you're gonna call everyone on this thread a dumbass, at least be aware that you're part of the thread due to commenting. so you're "one of us" now.


Look everyone has their own reasons to believe what happened. Especially when someone goes through such an event. The OP never fully stated out why exactly it was a rough breakup, yes maybe he was abusive, maybe she was cheating on him, but only they know because it is their life. Apparantly the parents are unaware of the situation entirely or they agree with the ex boyfriend over their daughters decision. Either way, this isn't a contest to see who can interpret this FML better than another. I can see 39s point and I can also see yours Lexa but neither of you are wrong, nor are either of you lunatic for your own understanding. There really is no reason to bark at people for this. I may get barked at but I hope a few of you may also see my point.


55, I love your photoshop skills, I hope you got permission because otherwise that's just a little weird.

I used photochop... an iPod app... and I am weird


Cool app I must say. Eh, not really judging, just saying it may be to Rawr.

maybe the parents liked the ex better than they like the knew guy and this is their way of getting back at her for what she did

what makes you think he's sweet caring and loyal? For all we know he was a total douche...

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this happened to me too, I'm the guy in the relationship'll be akward..I'm good friends with her mom and dad that's why..

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8 you are dumb. Op wants to go but doesn't want it ruined by him. So no matter what no happiness for op because if she stays home no cool trip for her.

what's wrong with that? Didn't you guys agree to stay friends?

Well, I'm just using logic, so forgive me if my opinion is too crazy, but you'd think maybe the OP might have mentioned something about her ex being a douche to her parents either during her relationship, or after they suggested invinting him to the vacation. I have to agree with #39 here.

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right #90 and if he cheated the outcome is telling every one to get them to hate him. Abuse is hard to fathom also. Picture this, she comes home with a black eye her parents look at her go to the phone call her ex and invite him on vacation. I'm no math wiz but something doesn't add up. I believe she feels guilty about wat she did and she has to see him a whole week. That's the fml

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Wow, really, 54? Somebody's bitchy. Also, if you want to correct somebody's grammar (even if they're just typing "y" or something similar to shorten a word), you should use that semicolon in correct context.

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What 39 said is most likely what happened here, though 50 is right in that we can't just assume. There is a reason why the parents do like the ex enough to invite him. I realize that most people don't go telling the world about their relationship troubles. However, in this situation, if the ex was the bad one in the relationship, then I think OP should tell her parents exactly what happened.

@96, people who assume too much annoy me, what can i say. semi-colons aren't grammar, last time i checked, so i can correct people's grammar, when they address me, without using correct punctuation. but in fact, the semi-colon was okay there - i used it to separate two different thoughts and sentences. i'm not bitchy, but i will argue a point.

Uh, hate to break it to you Lena, but spelling isn't grammar either. However, both spelling and punctuation are components of the orthography of a language. That's a fun new word for you to learn. :) Also: "...people who assume too much annoy me..." "oh, wait, is this what you do? run crying to your parents?... take your small dick outta this thread, you ignorant dipshit." LOL

actually, 106, you're right and I usually just say "grammar" when referring to the spelling of individual words, not thinking that it's wrong. thanks for correcting me, anyway. :)

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50- arguing on the Internet is like being in the special olympics, you might win but your still retarded

So, 39 and 112, you'd rather your partner stayed with you for the sake of staying, even if they realised you're not right for them? And if they found someone more suites, you'd still rather they stay, with possibility of cheating and lying to you, as opposed to having them tell you truthfully and end it so you still retain some dignity? Well ok, to each their own, I guess.

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if you left him for someone else then you were probably cheating and therefore deserve this you dirty b****

ummm no i hate to be the barrer of bad news, but #39 your wrong, i didnt care about my ex as much I did and do for the other guy. Im so sorry for the fact i choose to not lie to my now ex and pretend to love him when i loved someone else. And btw why is almost all the people on this page assuming these things? I mean seriously get a life, if all your doing is bashing on my post find something else todo.

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so she was dating someone she didn't care that much for, total bitch I say

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53 that shit was too funny "take your ****** emotions out of here"


if thats the case, (which most of the time it is) you tell em #39!

Well her family likes him. He probably is a good guy and 39 is probably right

Thanks for the "win" comments, guys :) You win just as much as I do :D xXLenaXx, I'm sure if the boyfriend cheated or abused the OP, she would have included that vital information in. So, why don't you do what #53 said and "take your ****** emotions out of the question"? And to the OP who is bitching about everyone bashing on her "post", I'm sure you're lying to make yourself sound like the better person. Plus, you should've known people would make assumptions since you didn't include enough information in the FML. Oh yeah, and one more thing... OP, you said: "And btw why is almost all the people on this page assuming these things? I mean seriously get a life, if all your doing is bashing on my post find something else todo." First off, this "post" you're talking about is actually something called an FML. And Secondly, well, if we need to get a life for "bashing" on an FML, maybe you need to get a life for posting the FML getting "bashed on" in the first place...

I said it was a possibility, I didn't say that's what most probably happened. People grow out of relationships, and learn that they're badly matched. Or the bf was a douche. Or maybe the OP's a total ****. This FML has very little context from which to just assume she's a *****. You mentioned one possibility, I mentioned another. Sorry if you can't handle that and you have to bring in my gender to make yourself feel better. :)

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Lena u are a ruhtard! u preach all this shit about how anything coulda happened yet u still believe the guy sucked, mmm are u Jewish?

So you can't lose feelings for someone and find love again then dump the ex instead of cheating? I hate people like you. Narrow minded and think they are always perfect. Love works in mysterious ways dude.. Nothing wrong to break up with someone when you fall in love with someone else..

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Agreed my girlfriend cheated on me 5 Motherfucking times

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Why are so many people lacking education today? Over half of the people on this website can't spell worth a shit. It's kind of sad.. And I think it's good that OP left her boyfriend instead of leading him on. That would've been worse. Although I think it's wrong that you left him for someone else, because it probably caused him some heartbreak. I'm saying that because I'm assuming that you guys were together for a while, since your parents like him enough to invite him on the trip. Ugh. I just don't know which side I agree with.

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That's karma for ya? Maybe they're hoping you wont go.

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lol you'll get back together

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Bring along a better looking guy and ignore the ex.

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so what? bring ur current boyfriend, or ignore him. this isn't really an FML for the fact that you are going on vacation.

she probably doesn't have a current boyfriend.

She said that she left him for someone else.

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haha he got u back not gona lie i would have agreed as well n torture u for a week :P

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this fml confuses me for some reason... xD


my perentz love my ex even thou he cheated (x haha

your boobs are so nice you don't deserve a say in society