By heckinfrick - 8/10/2020 08:01

What a headache

Today, it was the day of the doctor's appointment that I've been waiting for for eight months. I woke up with a fever and had to reschedule. The next appointment is next year. Guess I have to put up with my daily migraines until 2021. FML
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By  Jordan Wallace  |  3

since I was my son's age I've had to put up with daily migraines. when my mother finally thought it was a good idea to take me to the dr and maybe there was nothing wrong with my glasses we began over a decade of drs and tests and hospital stays. not only do I have migraines I have occipital neuralgia, chiari malformation, brain tumor, myofascial pain syndrome, seizures, blackouts, hietal hernia, twisted knee cap, plantar fasciatis and those are just the physical health issues. Not to mention I've been kicked off my husband's insurance until at least January. So sorry about your little migraine issue