By Anonymous - 28/10/2009 18:40 - United States

Today, I was playing with my cat and holding her upside down. She started frantically meowing, but I still continued on playing with her. Seconds later, she got explosive diarrhea everywhere, including my hair, face, shirt, and mouth. FML
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pepper2394 0

Um...I don't think cats like being hung upside down.

DoomJeff91 2

Insert ∞ "shitty day" and "pussy" jokes here.


pepper2394 0

Um...I don't think cats like being hung upside down.

Actually, my cat gets mad when he's NOT being held upside down. It just depends.

pepper2394 0

really? If I even try to hold my cat she would try to kill me. I guess it depends on the cat.

Was your cat born in a state of antigravity? O.o

cxal_fml 0

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troyboyd05 0

Anybody else think 1 point for the cat?

XCaLX_fml 0

**** u cxal

nobody deserves shit in their mouth

LOL for getting cat shit in ur mouth. **** u for holdin ir cat upside down I love kitties expecalliy Fay ones <3

fat* I love FAT cats even my username says so lolz

my cat only let's me hold her like a baby

seenpyro 0

shut the **** upp 119.. don't act like you have never messed with an animal just because it was funny. annd yu don't knoww shit

#147 and #143: calm down cat haters. Jeeze.

pinkkCuteee 0

OP, you're retarded. just sayin.

I hold my cat upside-down all the time. I think Spike thinks it's the way he's supposed to be held. I think all my cats had been used to it.

DoomJeff91 2

Insert ∞ "shitty day" and "pussy" jokes here.

She was playing with her pussy and it exploded all over her face? Wow, how shitty? She got pussy explosion-juices in her mouth? Sorry, I tried to follow orders but this was all I came up with. :[

DoomJeff91 2

That was pretty good material you've got. I'll send it to the execs back at the studio and keep you posted. Haha no. A lot of crap comes outta my mouth but it's probably not comparable to the OP.

I'm awaiting your reply.

no0000ob 0

my favorite superpower- infinate uncontrollabe crap

DoomJeff91 2

Great news. We're looking at a movie deal right now. Hopefully the OP doesn't mind dealing with all this big business shit.

poor cat, ydi!

Wow, playing with? More like abusing.

Asstazztic 8

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gisselle 0


Roshan 0

Diarrhea + upside down = Shit fountain.

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liz1908 0

Lmao, that took me a while to stop laughing. You - 0 Cat- 1 Now you have to even the score by pooing on the cat.

^ This made me lol more than the FML. It's her own fault the cat shit-sprayed her though, poor kitty doesn't deserve such retaliation.

haha take a dump on the cat while it's sleeping!!!!!!

That made me lol so much!

testing_fml 0

how the **** do you play with your cat?

that all depends on whether you are a normal person or engage in zoophilia.

Bitch, you totally deserve it. :X

perdix 29

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DuhthatsObvious 0

I agree with 11. Steve Irwin was hassling animals. Ridiculing animals on TV for your own benefit is never cool. I don't feel the least bit sorry for him. Fuck you OP for abusing your cat. You should have stopped handling your cat in such a manner as soon as she started complaining.

leave steve alone you arsehole he was a concervationist and neighbours cats make great hats

Wtf, Steve was awesome

Steve was also dumb enough to mess with animals way out of his league - as his early demise demonstrates. I feel no happiness towards the fact that he died, but I do believe he had it coming.