By MoncaBang - 29/01/2009 21:25 - United States

Today, my cat fell into the toilet, jumped out, and ran straight to hide in my bed. FML
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you just have to leave the toilet seat down

was the water dirty? if not you're moaning about nothing...get the fuck over it. and if it WAS dirty just wash the bed covers... simple. people overreact at the littlest things... O_o but yeah, get a dog. (:


my cat does stuff like that all the time....but kitty's are so cute, its hard to stay mad at them =)

Hey at least you weren't pissing in the toilet at the time! Edit: She didn't get to the bed. Every time I took a piss she had to come and investigate. I miss her loads :(


you just have to leave the toilet seat down

Hey, I have a question for you "MoncaBang". Is your username from that 'Friends' episode? Also, sorry about the cat. Cats are just so awesome sometimes.

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Yes it is!! Monca, monca BANG.

but the question is...was the toilet flushed? My cat drinks from the toilet.

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wat was in the toilet is what we shd me investigate.... puke? pee? poo? diarrhea?

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today i fell into the thing my master pee's in... i just wanted to see if i could do it.. i couldnt keep my balance fml.

I love cats but that sucks for u

That's why you get a dog