By MoncaBang - 29/01/2009 21:25 - United States

Today, my cat fell into the toilet, jumped out, and ran straight to hide in my bed. FML
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you just have to leave the toilet seat down

was the water dirty? if not you're moaning about nothing...get the **** over it. and if it WAS dirty just wash the bed covers... simple. people overreact at the littlest things... O_o but yeah, get a dog. (:


my cat does stuff like that all the time....but kitty's are so cute, its hard to stay mad at them =)

Hey at least you weren't pissing in the toilet at the time! Edit: She didn't get to the bed. Every time I took a piss she had to come and investigate. I miss her loads :(


you just have to leave the toilet seat down

Hey, I have a question for you "MoncaBang". Is your username from that 'Friends' episode? Also, sorry about the cat. Cats are just so awesome sometimes.

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Yes it is!! Monca, monca BANG.

but the question is...was the toilet flushed? My cat drinks from the toilet.

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wat was in the toilet is what we shd me investigate.... puke? pee? poo? diarrhea?

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today i fell into the thing my master pee's in... i just wanted to see if i could do it.. i couldnt keep my balance fml.