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Today, was my birthday. Today was also the day that my mom's cat died four years ago. She was too busy crying and looking at old photos of her beloved cat to even wish me a happy birthday. FML
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Happy Birthday OP! Sorry to hear about the cat.

oj101 33

Damn cat... out of 365 days of the year, why couldn't it have chosen a more opportune time to pass away? How dare the cat do that!?


Happy Birthday OP! Sorry to hear about the cat.

Unfortunately you can't go out and get a new mom. This is terrible!

LMFAOwned 9

It's not the end of the world. Only quite unsettling

Well if my dog died and my moms birthday was the next day I wouldn't really be that excited either. Each pet is unique while birthdays can even be celebrated later

Because a pet's death can't be celebrated later?

To be fair I had 3 relatives (human) die the day before day of and the day after my birthday we still "celebrate it". ( no one liked aunts 1 and 3 Jk)

mzrobinson 13

Maybe mosquito was depressed about the cat?

i am 40 and I have birthday every 4 years. I don't even celebrate that

Why would you put that on this thread?

mzrobinson 13

Selfish mother! At least you have us to wish you a happy birthday! (;

Not selfish.. You kinda can't blane her for losing a beloved pet. She should of recognized op's birthday but I can't blame her...btw happy birthday op!

The mother's actions made OP believe that the cat was more important to her than her own daughter.

I can. It's been four years since the mother's cat - her CAT - died, and she's still sobbing and wailing over the poor thing. I'm a dog person, and I lost mine to kidney failure about the same time as she's lost her cat. I cried, but I've moved on since then. Yes, it sounds heartless and callous, but it's not like the the cat was her firstborn. It's time to move on. And before you accuse me otherwise, yes, I like cats, too. :)

That's true, but it's been FOUR years. If she would rather sob about her cat that died four years ago than say happy birthday to her daughter, who is still here, then she's obviously got some issues she needs to work out

I lost my cat about a year ago now and yes it's still upsetting and yes I do miss him but OPs mum went a bit far, I think a daughter is more important than a cat

Yeah...I agree with #13 despite the grammar

Are you kidding me thirteen? You think it's acceptable to ignore your child's birthday because a pet died on the same day years ago? To not even mention it?! That's shameful parenting no matter how beloved the pet might have been.

Definitely agree that the mother is selfish. My father died on my older sister's birthday and we always make sure that it doesn't get in the way of celebrating her birthday. We definitely don't act like the OP's mother and losing a cat isn't nearly as bad as losing a husband or father. Anyways, Happy Birthday OP!

Happy birthday hey dot sweat it she's sad

oj101 33

Damn cat... out of 365 days of the year, why couldn't it have chosen a more opportune time to pass away? How dare the cat do that!?

oj101 33

Your kitty is an evil, yet genius mastermind.

Damn kid, out of the 365 days of the year, why couldn't it see that the cat was going to die on that day, why couldn't it have chosen a more opportune day to be born!

XenaWP 6

Think about your mother. Poor woman lost a cat. Perhaps next year you could show a bit of compassion and say something like "hey ma, sorry about Mittens, but I was thinking that maybe we could go out for dinner tonight for my birthday."

It was 4 years ago. I lost a cat of mine that I grew up with a couple years back and I've gotten over it. After about 2 weeks I was over it.

Show some compassion? It's her freaking birthday and it's her that needs to show compassion instead of her mother can't be bothered to wish a happy birthday because she's too busy crying over her cat from four years ago?

I hope that this is sarcastic comment Otherwise you are a complete douche. Yes. We all care for our pets. But this is her DAUGHTER. Perspective is needed from her mother and every other moron that said 'ydi'. I assume that every person who does that for such an obvious FML must be a troll, as noone can surely be as emotionally and mentally incapacitated to think that OP deserved it. Happy birthday OP! I hope that beautiful things happened for you on that day that restored your faith in humanity.

stachowski61 1

It's a CAT that died 4 years ago I think she should care about her daughter more.

47, emphasizing like that makes it sound like you see cats as meaningless. I feel for OP's mother. I lost a cat two years ago and still am unhappy about it. I agree though that for the sake of her daughter she needs to act more maturely and celebrate her birthday.

Clearly half the users of this site are suffering from an acute case of troll-blindness.

Sorry miss mess, I think you might be right. I keep forgetting that there are dickheads in the world who have nothing better to do. I will put my Troll detector specs on in future. :)

I think your mom is very, very lonely, despite having you.

Doesn't matter. She should cry over her cat another day. Her child is more important.

DCFan 9

Here come the "grumpy cat" references. -_-

Hope op stops behaving like a grumpy cat on his birthday...

OP has every right to be grumpy cat. Instead of celebrating the day of her birth she's stuck mourning death. Its a terrible way to spend a birthday! I'm sorry OP happy birthday.

DCFan 9

Haha I agree with you. I never said she didn't deserve to be grumpy cat, I simply said "Here come the "grumpy cat" references. -_- " But close...

I smell a rat. Maybe you shouldn't have killed her cat. Did you ever think of that? Don't have a spat. Put on a birthday hat. Eat some cake and get fat.