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hello! OP here. Originally, I was very upset, I hadn't been home when it happened and when I came back I found out. I have since talked to my parents, and found out my mom was the one who did it, but she put the extra money back into my bank account. I do live with my parents until I go off to college. The Ipad was an overzealous purchase, and after messing with the tablet its not so bad. As for my brother, my dad sat him down and talked to him about how it was wrong to do that and he needs to earn stuff, etc etc etc. And his tablet will be returned. So I guess in a sense everything is ok now. xD I wasnt expecting to have this accepted, I didn't even have an account till this morning.
By evilmuffinlord - / Tuesday 18 June 2013 06:34 / United States - Houston
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  MDTeddy  |  13

If I had something like an ipad then I would probably be using it all the time meaning that I would have it on me at all times so nobody will be able to take it or use it. Also, Op's parents are fucking mean and apparently don't care for him.

  plum_lovin  |  28

Seriously? It seems like your little brother needs a slap in the face because he is a spoiled little crap head. If you parents were going to get him one they should have bought him ONE cheap knock off instead of trading yours. Especially since you bought it yourself.

  Yodelmeister  |  18

Seriously, I can't believe the parents 1. Took this seriously and 2. Gave in and bought him a gift. That's really shitty parenting, even if they bought the tablet on their own.

  feelingold  |  18

...ermmm yeah which is why 61 said "if". The point = even IF this hadn't involved OP's iPad/money it would still be terrible parenting, rewarding threats/petty jealousy with gifts.....

  mollyjynxjax  |  28

If he's going to school, then why not? Or if he's saving up for a place of his own. There are plenty of reasons to live with your parents even after you graduate. Hell, some people don't even turn 18 until a month or so after they graduate, and can therefore be forced to continue living with their parents.

  Lizardgirl  |  7

I graduated on June 2nd, am 18 and a half, and still have to live with my sociopath of a mother through the summer and probably the next few summers until either A. My long term committed boyfriend and I get engaged and live with his family or B. I graduate and can find a job quickly in my career. I'd do almost anything to live on my own but this stupid economy is awful :P


Pretty sure if op is graduated it's pretty likely that they're not under 18. Not guaranteed, but likely. You should probably read the FML before replying to comments, as doing so would tell you they're likely an adult and that they bought it with their own money.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

118- I was just thinking exactly that. I don't understand what makes some people think they have the right to just do whatever the fuck they want. If anyone tried something like this with anything of mine, there would be serious hell to pay.

  Qwermy  |  16

Morally, it's theft, since OP paid for it himself. Unfortunately, if OP is under 18, his property is legally his parents', even if he has a job and earned the money himself. So, regrettably, they have the legal right to be assholes and take his stuff.

  deepunder  |  17

But what about trading her stuff? She got the extra money back but still lost $ on the brothers tablet.

Being a younger sibling can get u stuff. I got a phone at age 13 even though my sister got one at 16. All it took was statistical proof that everyone (except those who are to lazy to carry one) has a cellphone. I still paid for it though. Lousy $20. Cellphone didn't have adjustable sound.

  Narelon  |  12

So I can just run up to someone under 18 and steal their shit and it isn't illegal by that logic. If you bought it with your own money, then someone takes it without permission, that's theft.

  kirasant  |  19

If you're over 18, that's theft (under 18 and it's a gray area). If you're moving out, file a police report. If you're not... the problems it would cause is probably not worth it. Also, even if you are moving out, it might still to be worth the drama the police report causes. Consider your situation with your family and proceed as best you can. I'm sorry for your shitty parents.

If you can't get away from your family, guard your possessions, leave nothing of value where they can reach it and don't trust locks. If your parents would so blatantly steal from you, assume they'll cut through locks.

When you do get out of your parents' home, don't give them a key to your new place. It's sad, but if they're willing to steal $500+ from you, they clearly don't respect your property. If you give them no opportunity to steal from you, there can be no drama and hopefully you can find a way to get along with them.

Good luck.

  _DudeGuy_  |  16

Who, why the child hate? I happen to have to pay for everything (other than food and cheap Walmart clothing) that I want, and haven't complained once. Not all children are "brats".

  bostongirl77  |  5

To the ones saying not all kids are brats, I never said ALL kids but I am confident enough in knowing the current generation to generalize most of them as brats. It's sad but true. They don't know the worth of things anymore.


yes! i am so sick of children these days crying because they can't get what they want then have the audacity to go and talk about what others don't have. shoot when I was younger I was glad to play outside or climb a tree

  Zebediabolical  |  36

This is exactly why I voted YDI. If you don't stand up for yourself in this kind of situation you're going to be a professional victim for the rest of your life. And it doesn't help that this behavior helps to make entitled monster children who grow up into entitled monster adults.

If there had been a mention of being grounded for beating the little shits ass, it would have totally been an FYL.

  mattorama  |  15

The OP's parents stole her property and sold it. She deserves it for not being prepared for her parents to STEAL from her? She deserves it for putting a bit of trust in her parents? Get real.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Seriously, 47? I'm with 66, you should be able to trust your parents not to steal your stuff, especially something as expensive as an iPad. Now, if it had happened before, and OP never said or did anything, and didn't learn not to trust them anymore, then maybe I'd agree that it's a YDI. Maybe. But even then I don't think anyone deserves to have such crappy, lying, stealing assholes for parents.