By Anonymous - 17/11/2013 05:33

Today, while on a family Disney World vacation, I saw a kid shitting on a public bathroom floor. It was my kid. He's 10. FML
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That's disgusting and horrible for the other Disney goers. He should know how to use a toilet by now; make him clean it.

ZomBgal 12

I have to wonder if he was being mean about it. Were the stalls all full and Junior couldn't hold it any longer. Or was he just being a lil' shit?


Wow. I think that you need to re-potty train tour kid!

Am I the only one who thinks OP didn't listen to the kid's pleas about needing the bathroom? I remember waiting in line at the rides and all too often I'd hear a kid plead about needing to go, and his dad telling him he can hold it till after.

#10: Note that the FML says they were in the bathroom.

Yeah I just realized. :( Ugh fail. Still though, the only thing I can think of is that the bathroom toilets were taken and the kid really had to go. I don't agree with it, but considering the other option of going on himself, I can understand it.

When my parents took my sister to disneyworld they wouldn't let her go as they were near the ride. They went on the log flume and when they went down a drop, my sister said, "it came out". She had pooed herself. I was only a baby and she was 4 but I remember watching my mum trying to clean her pants in the sink.

michaelaranda 28

or he could've done it as a prank, or he was trying to be an asshole. am I the only person that thinks that ops kid probably did this on purpose?

no #40, being that the kid is 10, it is entirely possible he did it on purpose. But I think its just as likely that there was an issue. Either way I think OP is at fault, who raises a kid that ***** on the floor of a bathroom unless its an emergency, than its still OP's fault for not getting him there faster. I personally am sick of reading these FML's from parents going on about how stupid or bad their kids are, take some responsibility for your lack of parenting people.

#50, you can't blame everything a child does on bad parenting. children are sentient people with their own free will. there were a number of times I did things I knew were wrong just to spite my parents. I knew I was going to get my ass beat for it, but I felt the risk was worth the reward. the best parent can still raise a little ******** through no fault of their own

falon142012 22

I work in a retail clothing store, and once a kid about 4 or 5 told his parents he needed to use the bathroom and they wouldn't take him. He went on the floor and another customer stepped in it, and then wiped her shoe on one of the shirts and left. The parents just took the kid and left too, and didn't tell anybody. THAT is beyond the parents' fault. Some people really seem to not know how to raise their children.

#78 & #82, I blame the parents for kids acting out because the majority of the time the parents waited to long to become parents, as in they let their kids throw fits and talk back very young and they waited too long to put a stop to it. Parents don't teach the kid how to think, they tell them what to think. They ignore them unless they act up. That is when the parents are at fault. Not getting your kid to the bathroom in time, parents fault. Taking a kid to Disney land/world that ***** on the floor, thats bullshit. Yes I was a horrible child, I take reasonably for my actions at a given age, but I was raised that it was ok to be a shit cause I would "just be punished and then it would be fine" if I got punished at all. Punishment for wrong doing without a lesson learned is no way to parent a child. I do not hit my kids, as I was beaten (even hospitalized) I teach them how and why their actions were wrong, how they are affected, and how their actions affect others. And yes my children do not act the way I did. My brother raised his son they way we were raised and he is mean and looking at a very hard life. There are very few rotten children out their that were parented well, but there is always an exception to any rule.

That's disgusting and horrible for the other Disney goers. He should know how to use a toilet by now; make him clean it.

euphoricness 28

Why should OP suffer? He just had to witness his own son crap on a floor!

jojimugo 20

Am sorry but someone has too be blamed and am thinking it's you

Alexzandriah 9

Seriously? The parents are not the ones to blame all the time! The kid could of possibly not held it in anymore.

By the age of 10, unless they have mental development issues, they know better than to do this...therefore the blame stays with the child.

42- I think he just forgot to type an 'I' in his haste to comment.

jojimugo 20

So #11 & #14 - if not the parents, where should we most likely look to finde the reason a brat is ******** all over a floor? The stars? The employees? The president af France?

Enough with the shitty puns! They're crap anyway!

I swear to God 7, that since you placed 2 excrement puns instead of one, your comment went positive. I never see "shitty" comments that go positive. Ever. I guess we can say 2 negatives makes a positive?

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Wow. What a shitty thing for your kid to do. Yeah...I went there!

Kids these days . 90 kids are still ruling no generation can beat us :D

Don't bring back the stupid "90's kids" crap.

*years later* "Kids these days . 00 kids are still ruling no generation can beat us :D"

the vast majority that continuously say they are 90's kids or something is so 90's were born after 1995, only giving them, atmost, 2-3 years of memories

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

8- Dec. 31st,1999 at 11:59 P.M. doesn't count.

Most of the 90's kids are still kids. So they can't really rule much of anything.

The term "90's kid" usually means you were born in the 80's so you actually REMEMBER the 90's

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Looks like someone may not have been at Disneyworld for long.

Just be glad it was you that walked in and not someone else...

ZomBgal 12

I have to wonder if he was being mean about it. Were the stalls all full and Junior couldn't hold it any longer. Or was he just being a lil' shit?