By Tali - 28/07/2011 06:18 - Australia

Today, my husband threw out all of the spices in the cupboard. When I asked him why he said, "Our cat was named Spicy and I can't stand to look at them." Our recently deceased cat's name was Dicey. FML
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So... FML I don't have any more spices, or FML my husband can't remember our dead cat's name?

Was he high the entire lifetime of your cat?



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yeah, even I have no clue.

OP should be glad he didn't think the cat's name was wifey.

R.I.P Spicy, whoever you are

It's called words with friends.

for scrabble or words with friends.

who names their cat Dicey or Spicy anyways?

don't diss spicey 49, or I will assign you as his new scratching post. he's my pet sabre tooth liger,

1, the difference is a s and p in place of the d, i hope this enlightens you.

1- Slitherbomb, Shitterbomb, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?!?!

#1: the difference is the letters. You know..spicy is spelled with a 's' and a 'p' is also thrown in there..let us know when you go back to kindergarten to learn how to read..

So... FML I don't have any more spices, or FML my husband can't remember our dead cat's name?

Its a 2-in-1 FML. We have recession and must save on everything.

I think it's "FML - my husband is demented".

I think it's "FML, we named our cat dices..."

Maybe it's just me... But My cat has many different names to everyone surrounding her real name. So it's more than likely he nicknamed it Spicy cuz of it's color/attitude. Just my guess.

FYL for your cat dying. YDI for marrying a retard.

Was he high the entire lifetime of your cat?

With a name like Dicey they both must've been high.

It's the only logical explanation.

Maybe op is the crazy one and the cat's name was Spicey.

aw. give em a break. their cat just died.

must've been one big joint.

do me a favor and explain how this is a win?

It doesn't win; he wanted to be the first comment.

so I guess that means he never really took care if the cat?

go save the dice before you correct him.

spicy is a much better name anyway.

have his hearing checked.

Spicey Dicey. Dicey Spicy. Slicey and Dicey?

That's just how upset he is. You should leave him in his man cave for a couple days, to regroup himself.

Although I think he's taking it a little extreme.. I have a cat named Daisy, but we also call her Biscuit, Busy Bee, etc. So it's not far-fetched for him to have been calling the cat Spicy as well as Dicey.

I have a cat named Daisy too! lol We call her Daisy though >.

I know this is kind of random, but my dogs name is Lucy, but I call her Goose. --Geese are gonna depress the crap outta me when she's gone.. :(

Lol 62, we have so many "pet" names for our Daisy. Also, I used to live in south Jersey but now I'm in Florida. and 72, I had a dog named Lucy but my parents still have her in New Jersey. haha :D

Next cat: Wifey :(

you win, really. it would be harder to live without knives

hahahahaha.... love it!!!!