By catfriend - 06/05/2014 05:42 - United States - Salida

Today, my husband's cat died. He has resorted to calling me by her name to comfort himself. FML
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everyone copes with sadness differently, i guess this is his way


Let's play find the idiot. Found him.

I don't normally down vote, but you, sir, are an ass.

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you'll also be the first one to be downvoted. congratz.

you should encourage it OP if it makes him fell better

#15 Dad? There's nothing about a dad in this FML.

15- you gave no ***** while reading this FML, didn't you?

No **** Was given that day in reading FML. OP Stay srong with your Husband.

Can you imagine "hey Fluffy what are we having for dinner?" I don't think going along with it is the best idea...

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now you see, if everyone was busy taking care of their FML, this site wouldn't exist. Op was just taking like 2 minutes to let us know what's happening, hence this post.

everyone copes with sadness differently, i guess this is his way

This topic with that profile is quite interesting.

thats cool. cope with sadness how you do it, but dont call someone by your dead cats name, thats just creepy. buy him a stuffed animal cat and he can name it the cats name.

Better yet, get him a new kitten. Nothing helps a person cope with the loss of a pet like a new baby pet.

Weirdest Coping technique... I'd feel a little degraded if someone called me by their deceased animals name to feel better.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#63- Sometimes it makes it worse. When my cat passed a few years ago I still had 2, but wasn't ready for a "new" one till this past October, when a tiny kitten (10 weeks at the most) wandered onto my deck and meowed at the door till i let her in. What's weird is that she now acts exactly how my deceased cat used to (chases Nerf gun pellets, runs to drink out of the toilet when it is flushed, etc). So yeah, getting a new kitten might help some people but definitely not others, and I don't agree with just going out and getting him a kitten without discussing it with him first because it could make the situation worse.

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#63: You should never give a grieving person a new pet until you talk to them first. Many people need time to grieve before moving on.

#63 yeah, if you were a two year old and have no concept of the permanent nature of death. Some people see pets as family and need to grieve their loss. Unless you want someone telling you to replace your grandmother and stop crying about it, I think you should let this one go.

No, he's grieving, and as far as we can tell, still sane.

He might need counseling. Maybe for more than the grief, if he's Catatonic.

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My nickname is Mittens, so scrolling through comments and seeing that make me pause for a moment.

Not gunna lie I thought of something along those lines. "Hey Fluffy! How was work?"

Well it's that time for you to exercise some "pussy control".