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  iluvhobos  |  5

Not that I think language is a big deal, but four years old is just ridiculous. Also, where could she have heard it? Even 'tv 14' rated programs bleep out the word shit. So bad parenting on OP's part for either letting the child watch uncensored tv, or for letting it slip.


@ 105 Because a four year old doesn't know how to use a remote to change the channel, or use a computer. Certainly, she never leaves the house and could not have heard it from a random stranger at the store. (Sarcasm)

  carlabelle  |  0

I used to say this all the time when I was little... and my parents had no clue where I learned it. Then when they told me it was bad to say that I said "Well what else can I say that starts with s#!t?"

  zakkyzebra  |  11

When I was little I played video games a lot. (who the fuck am I kidding. I still do) If I died on a level, I would quietly, but surely, mutter "damnit" under my breath.

  leearm104  |  4

so what you're saying is as a kid you would swear if you died in a video game? that is so interesting, I've never heard of anyone doing that before. I bet you're the only one.

  TraceCase_  |  19

Her kid could have heard that anywhere in public. She should just explain that it's inappropriate to her daughter and ask her not to say it anymore.

Then laugh about it on FML, 'cause it's funny ;D